TruGreen Reveals How Knoxville Homeowners Can Keep Creepy Crawleys Outsides

There has been a true explosion of the number of creepy crawleys that have decided to take up residence in people’s homes. According to TruGreen, this problem is particularly significant in Knoxville, TN, and other areas with warmer climates. While this has also enabled a lot of people to get into business, focusing on lawn care, bug zapping, and pest control, the reality is also that there is an element of concern to be aware of.

TruGreen on the Pest Problem

While the increase in bugs has certainly provided more businesses for companies like TruGreen, pests are called “pests” for a reason, and they should be kept out. The problem is that the quality of the things we eat and the environments we have has increased from the perspective of bugs, which means that they are more attracted to our environments than ever before. One of the greatest areas of concern, however, is in blood drinking bugs, which are very difficult to eradicate, but also the very creates that can cause the greatest problems.

A lot of people, for instance, like to have water features in their gardens. This is beautiful and comfortable and leaves people feeling more serene. It also attracts a range of insects and bugs that can carry things such as the Zeka Virus, West Nile Virus, and Lyme’s Disease. Meanwhile, man of these bugs can also infest pets like cats and dogs, who then carry them inside the house, where they wreak havoc on the interior and on the inhabitants of the house as a whole.

What Can Be Done about Pest Infestations? 

TruGreen believes that a properly maintained garden is key to avoiding pests and their associated dangers. While it may feel impossible to have the best of both worlds, it can actually be done. For instance, making sure there is no stagnant water in the garden, for instance by installing a pump, and by cutting grasses short, will make a huge difference in how badly people can be affected by various pests and problems. TruGreen also recommends that people contact them for help. They can come out to a garden and identify the areas that could become problematic, determining whether or not changes have to be made to make the environment safer for everybody in the household, including the pets.

Working together with a professional company is always the best idea. They are the experts in understanding the link between plants, pests, pets, humans, and the local environment and climate. They can make sure that whatever measures you put in place increase your comfort and safety, without causing any problems or damage to the natural environment. Additionally, they can provide more regular advice and care to ensure that gardens and outdoor spaces are maintained at all times. Essentially, they make sure that you have an outdoor space that you can love and enjoy, without this going to the detriment of the local environment, which is equally important.