What’s the Best Exhaust Brand?

Are you thinking about upgrading the exhaust system on your car or truck? If so, one of the first questions you might have is what the best exhaust brand is. There are two major companies that provide aftermarket exhaust part:

  • Magnaflow
  • Flowmaster

If you are going to upgrade your exhaust, you need to know which of these companies to go with. They have different philosophies when it comes to exhaust, meaning it would be better to get the part you need from one or the other depending on what your goal is. It also means that one company isn’t necessarily better than the other, because each provides unique benefits. This guide will give a closer look at Magnaflow and Master Flow exhaust side-by-side.


First things first, consider the basics of these companies. Both are based in the US, so you do not need to worry about foreign parts. Additionally, both focus on providing exhaust parts specifically, although you may be able to find other aftermarket parts too. You also do not need to worry about the quality of the parts you will get from either company, as both provide stainless steel parts. Finally, both companies were established about the same time, meaning they have similar amounts of experience. Magnaflow was established slightly earlier in 1981.


Magnaflow set itself apart by focusing on performance. The exhaust system’s purpose is primarily to manage and expel the exhaust the engine creates. The manner this is done affects both the performance of the vehicles and how much noise it creates. You can think of these two aspects as being the two ends of a spectrum. The more optimized an exhaust system is for performance, the louder it is going to be. Likewise, the more optimized an exhaust system is for noise muffling, the lower the performance it will enable.

Magnaflow provides exhaust parts which allow your vehicle to have the best performance possible. This means you can get more power out of your engine. If you are looking to up the efficiency, fuel economy, or horsepower on your vehicle, or you simply want to find the loudest muffler possible, you should go with Magnaflow.


Flowmaster falls on the opposite end of the spectrum. It is harder to find exhaust parts which will empower your vehicle, but you can find very nice and quiet mufflers and other exhaust parts. It may be possible to get a part which improves the noise and performance, as the parts that come on some vehicles are not great. If your priority is a quiet and comfortable ride, you are probably better going with Flowmaster.

Whichever company you decide to go with, you can find an aftermarket exhaust part for the vehicle you drive. Whether you are looking for a Jeep Gladiator or Dodge Challenger exhaust systems, you will not be disappointed. Modifying the exhaust system is an especially easy way to personalize your vehicle to your unique tastes, and these aftermarket companies make it possible for an average person to jump right in.