Boris Blanche Heads National Trade Flows

In a move that was welcomed by many people in the community, Boris Blanche became the new managing director of the IRU. He won’t see much change in his responsibilities regarding the national trade flows. Apart from his responsibilities as the COO of the company, he will also head the advocacy part. This presents new challenges to him as a professional but he’s more than welcome to his new role.

One person who has been supportive of the change is Secretary General Umberto de Pretto. He had nothing but nice things to say about Blanche’s accomplishments and he’s confident he’ll only do nothing but impressive things for Blanche and his new role. The individual has been with the company for a little over five years and he’s been truly magnificent in the different roles he’s tackled. He’s previously worked with international companies and they were all disappointed when he had to leave them for better opportunities.

He has proved to be an asset in any role given to him. No doubt, his intelligence and experience have helped him grow to become a recognized professional. When asked about his colleagues, he had nice things to say about them. He’s fully aware if you encourage other people, you’re motivating them to do their best for the company. Of course, that can only result to good things for the company’s future. Blanche is very loyal to the IRU during the 5 years he’s spent there. He only wants what’s best for business. In fact, everything he did was for the company’s good and not his own.

The promotion for Blanche went along successfully with nobody objecting to it and everyone in the company knew he deserves it more than anybody. He’s worked hard and he’s nice to everyone. With this move, the company is solidifying its stance on promoting only the best. Besides, why would you promote someone who refuses to work overtime? That person may be part of another organization especially if he looks very sleepy every time he comes to work.

It’s appropriate to promote the people who works hard for the company’s future. Now that Boris Blanche is the CEO of the IRU, he’s expected to be more involved in advocacy campaigns. Additionally, he’s not going to diminish the quality of his work when he served as COO of the company for two years. Besides, the last thing he’d want to happen is for his reputation to be tarnished.