How Happy Employees Leads to More Revenue

If you walk into any business in any town on the planet Earth, you can pretty much immediately tell whether the employees are happy or not, just based on body language. But did you know that you can also tell how profitable the business is? More and more studies are showing that the happier employees are, the more profitable the business is. Let’s discuss how you can keep happier employees, and create more profit for your business. 

Get Your Employees Engaged

When you think about employees’ level of engagement in the context of their happiness, we often picture an overworked employee who isn’t happy with their job, and isn’t producing great results. CulverServices offers employee engagement consulting that can make sure they’re receiving the best balance possible to keep them happy and productive. 

Make work life balance a bigger priority

As an employer, it’s easy to always be “go go go” 24/7. After all, it’s your business, and your success directly depends on its success. But you have to realize that a lot of employees are only there for the paycheck. Understanding this allows for a much more human, much less corporate outlook on work. The truth is, most people probably aren’t that ecstatic about filling out reports and entering data. Most people want to get their work done, and that’s it. A lot of great and efficient employees couldn’t care less about the company itself. If you encourage someone to lead a happy, fulfilling, life outside of work, they are much more likely to be happy and productive at work (regardless of their personal motivations). 

People are happier when they feel included on the big picture

It’s easy for employers to treat employees like machines with a specific task. Oftentimes, employees might have a specialized task, but if you don’t include them on the big picture, they feel stuck as a cog in a kafkaesque business model that often makes very little sense. When you are honest about what’s happening, they gain insight that will increase their happiness, but also let you gauge how your employees are truly doing.  

Set the example

We’ve all seen it: The boss who doesn’t respond and shows up late every day.The boss who thinks they’re a morally superior human being for having a position of power. Don’t be this boss. Treat your employees like human beings. Thank them for their work, value their time, and they will reward you by working harder. 

Reward employees who set high standards

One thing that gets on the nerves of a lot of employees is their boss trying to force them to put in world class effort for a basic salary. As mentioned earlier, many employees work because of a paycheck, and not to further their company’s goals. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink. Begging your employees to give 110% without incentive is pointless. If you want them to work hard, give them a reason to. Give them meaningful incentives (i.e things they want, like a raise or extra PTO, not just a “pizza party”.)