Randy Benderson, Real Estate Leader with Track Record of Success

Randy Benderson, the director and chief executive officer of Benderson Development, is without a doubt a noteworthy figure in the real estate world — one who has made the right moves time and time again. When you take a look at his impressive list of accomplishments, it doesn’t take long to see why he has achieved such unique success in today’s real estate world.

Benderson has served as Benderson Development’s director and president since 1992. As the leader of one of the biggest privately held companies focusing on real estate development in the United States, Benderson manages 300 employees and commercial space spanning more than 40 million square feet. A wide range of company responsibilities fall under his purview, including marketing, planning, personnel, property management, construction, accounting, financing, legal, and leasing.

Prior to serving as the director of the company, Benderson was the company’s senior  executive of development and leasing, and marketing manager as well as leasing representative. He first joined the company, which belonged to his father, Nathan, in 1978.

Benderson, who grew up in the western part of New York and completed his studies at the University of Buffalo, relocated to Sarasota with his wife and three children back in 2003 because the company’s headquarters had relocated there.

Benderson has served as the member of a multitude of boards over the years, including those of the University of Buffalo Foundation; the Vision Group of Funds, an M&T Bank subsidiary; and Weinberg Campus, a prominent Western New York geriatric medical care facility. He remains a member of the board of the Kobernick House of Sarasota as well as of the International Council of Shopping Centers.

His leadership skills and passion for philanthropy haven’t gone unnoticed, either. Benderson earned the Buffalo United Way Campaign “Excellence in Leadership Award” and was also the co-recipient of the National Federation for Just Communities Family Philanthropy Award in 2008. Nothing but continued success is expected for the Florida real estate leader on both the professional and the philanthropic level.