The feeling when Summer enters the office

It’s summer time, it’s hot, the weather is amazing and you’re at work. This would be ok of your job was as a pilot or even a gardener, something exciting and outdoors at least for today, but this isn’t likely as your holed up in your office until closing time. Besides your lunch break where you know you and your colleagues are going to escape outside and go for lunch under and tree but until then you have to wish the day away while carrying out your daily tasks.

The benefit of today though is that everyone is in a happy mood, the weather has brought a smile on to everyone’s face and work seems a little bit easier, which is always nice. Plus, new furniture has arrived for the office to break up the usual routine everyone is getting new equipment from Furniture at Work™ something a little different.

Just when you head towards your new cabinet to open it up and put in your things someone has turned the fan on to let a nice breeze pass through the office and a nice summer song comes on the radio, as your open the doors to the cabinet you enter a new entertaining world surrounded by your favourite get away of the summer. A huge music festival.

Now you have something to focus on for the day, a goal for all the hours you put into your work and you can day dream of some of the festivals you’re going to attend throughout the summer. The cabinet was like the door into a big tent playing your favourite bands and DJs, and when your turn around your greeted by all your friends in funky outfits dancing away to the music. People are laughing, shouting and going a little crazy, a change from your office now.

You have just entered your own glitter filled Narnia. Music festivals are great, there is no schedule, no routine and everything is a glorious mess of people, music food and good times. Exactly what you want to be thinking about during your work hours. It can be a great tool for motivation and distraction. Usually you are suited and booted for work, but now the only boots you have on are those used for wading through all the mud in your campsite, but that’s not bothering you because you are having such a good time. The only group meetings your having are with the people in the tent next to yours as your plan out your festival day and what to get up to.

Although you might only get to visit this office Narnia for a moment throughout your work day. It makes for an exciting summer as you can plan where you’re going to go with your work colleagues now as the summer vibes have started to spread throughout your office. Perhaps you’re not the only one in an office Narnia and everyone else is thinking of where they would like their escape to be.