A Step-By-Step Guide to Redecorating the Home

Now that we are spending more time than ever at home and are unable to go out and socialize in bars and cafes as much as before, it is key that our homes are a place we want to be. Therefore, considering features that might make our homes a nicer place to be are important

1. Getting help from a home organizer

One thing that is key is getting advice from someone who knows about your space. The most obvious source of help is a home organizer, as popularized by The Home Edit, who knows how to declutter and make your space serve you. Rates can vary wildly for people in this role, but the important thing is that they are someone who does not live in your house and can therefore come in with a fresh perspective on how to rearrange things, and what you should keep, and what you should throw out.

2. Hiring an interior decorator

Next, you can speak to someone who is an interior decorator who has an idea of what styles, fabrics and colors will look good in your home, as well as the sorts of items that will suit the space such as roller shades south jordan. Stagers are often for assisting you with working out what sort of furniture or portraits might look good on the walls.

3. Redesigning the outdoor space

The next thing that is useful is to consider what to do with the outdoor space in your home. This is not always immediately obvious, but it is key because a lot of the time, especially in summer, you are either spending your hours in the garden or in the lounge or conservatory, looking out of the window into the garden. In this case, you can think about reshaping things: do you want a patio, or flowerbeds? Is it worth getting in a professional landscaper, or your local gardener? Do you really have the time to undertake the work yourself?

4. Adding in features to the garden

Having some features in your garden can make it a worthwhile place to spend time in. It might be something as basic as a bench which allows you to sit and take in the environment. Or, in your garden, it can be useful to consider things like having fish tanks or a pond. But you must make sure you have the right accessories and equipment to make it work. This may include the right sort of tank, with an appropriate filter, or indeed a custom bubble sensor.

5. Maintaining your home

Lastly, the most important thing is to keep everything tidy. That might mean giving away a lot of your things and thinking about what really sparks joy for you, as Marie Kondo would say. It might mean hiring a cleaner to come in or it might mean scheduling in a weekly clean yourself.

That last point is crucial because half the battle is not redoing your home, but rather, making sure it is stays as a place you can enjoy!