How to add value to your property before selling up

If you have an eye on selling your property in the coming year or two, now is the best time to start doing all that you can to add value on to your property. Selling a home is tough at the best of times and you will of course want to do so at speed, and for the most amount of money that you can possibly get for your property.

It is worth noting that you have to speculate to accumulate and this rings very true when it comes to adding value on to your home. If you want to make sure that you get the highest price for your home when the time comes to sell, here is what you need to invest in.

Loft/Basement  Conversion

If your property has a loft or a basement then you really ought to think about unlocking that space and using it for a living area. These days people aren’t interested in having additional storage space, or lost space in the home and would much prefer a sunroom. The investment which you will make however, will most definitely pay off in terms of how much you get for your home.


Conservatories are more popular now than ever before and a recent study by a housing group based in the US, found that over 70% of those asked, said that they would prefer to buy a house if it had a conservatory rather than one which didn’t have one. The great news is that the cost of conservatories and sun rooms has dramatically reduced in recent years and you will get more than your investment back when you sell the property.

Lose The Garage

If your property has a garage then, like with the basement and loft, it is time to get rid of the garage and instead turn it into an additional living room or downstairs bedroom. Over 80% of garages throughout the US don’t even have a car inside them and this dead space can be maximized if you turn it into more of a living area.

Paint Your Home

The key to selling your home is to make it stand out and look presentable, this can also get you some more cash on the value of your home. With this in mind, it is always a good idea to paint the outside of your home so that you freshen it up, and make it look more appealing.

Windows and Doors

If you haven;t replaced your windows and doors for some time, now is the time to invest in them. Not only do new windows and doors make your home look more attractive, they also do more in terms of keeping the home insulated, both results are sure to bring in some extra dollars on the value of your home.

Don’t be scared to invest,  just make sure that when you do, you invest in something that will most definitely add value to your home.