Choosing the Best Placement for Your TV Wall Mounting

Brisbane got its name from the Brisbane River. In 1859, when Queensland separated from NSW and became a colony, Brisbane also became the capital city. The Brisbane metropolitan encompasses a large part of the suburbs. Today, Brisbane is a booming city with many thriving industries, including the housing market.

Whether a new home and old, TV is a staple piece of appliance in residence and used mainly for entertainment. As a homeowner, you probably own a flat-screen TV in your house, but have you already mounted it properly? If the answer is no, for whatever reason, consider using the professional services of TV wall mounting in Brisbane. If you do not know where to begin the TV installation or you have been busy, hiring a service provider is probably the best option.

The following are some ideas on where to mount your TV and how the professionals can help:

TV Mounting to Drywall

Drywall is the easiest wall application to work on when mounting a TV because it is not thick or rigid like concrete, brick, and other materials. Probably, it is one of the reasons why drywall is a popular choice in terms of TV mounting on walls. Selecting drywall gives you a good visual appeal, particularly if you mount the TV on neutral-coloured surface.

This option comes with many benefits, such as it reduces physical strain to the back and neck. It can also save you a lot of space and keep the sharp corners of the TV away, especially from small children.

TV Mounting on a Brick Wall

Besides the drywall, mounting your television to a brick wall is another excellent choice. Brick walls have a rustic appeal, particularly the exposed ones. Your TV would look stunning on a brick wall. However, keep in mind that mounting a TV on it can be tough if you opt to do the job yourself. You only need to call the professional installers who are familiar with this installation procedure, and you have the work out of your hands.

TV Mounting to Metal Studs

If you want to mount your television to metal studs, you may be wondering how to go about it, particularly if your existing walls have no studs. In other words, this is a delicate and tricky process that entails a wooden panel, metal, studs, a drill, among others.

Regardless if you have all the right tools and equipment, it would be a good idea to allow the experts to handle a complicated task such as this.

TV Placement in the Bedroom

If you want to put a television in your bedroom, an ideal place for mounting it is in the corner of the room. Depending on the location of your bed, TV wall mounting in Brisbane will not use up a lot of space in the room. If you have photos, mirrors, and other wall displays, you can still keep them where they are. Also, if you use a swivel mount, it enables you to adjust its location for an angle that will not cause body ache while you are in bed.

Opt for Hidden Wires

A wall-mounted television with no wiring in sight looks minimal, clean, and polished. It also makes sense to hide those wires if you have small kids and pets in the house. But, concealing the wiring within the walls is not easy as it seems. The good news is professional installers are adept at hiding wires. They can put the wires out of sight externally or internally, whatever is best for your TV mounting project.

Highly-trained and experienced technicians of TV wall mounting in Brisbane can take the stress out from you. They can get your television looking beautiful on your wall and that it belongs there perfectly.