The Importance of a Good Office Chair

You spend several hours a day sitting on your office chair to write, type or take calls. When it comes to buying an office chair, it’s tempting to buy the first inexpensive and decent looking chair you can find. Cheap chairs can cause neck pain, back pain and other health issues. You need to invest in a high-quality office chair to stay healthy and productive. Furniture stores have a wide variety of office furniture. Buying office furniture online is a good option too because you can easily access a wide variety of furniture without visiting a store.

Essential features of a good office chair

Lumbar support

The lumbar support of an office chair helps you to maintain the natural inward curve of your spine. It promotes good posture by filling in the gap between your spine and the seat. It’s challenging to maintain the correct posture without lumbar support. With an improper design, your spine and muscles in the lower back work harder to support the curvature and alignment. This additional work weakens your lower back muscles, and you slump or lean forward in your office chair. Good lumbar support keeps your spine naturally curved when you sit for a long time in the same position.

Adjustable armrest

Office chairs should have adjustable arms to support your upper body and reduce the strain on the shoulder and neck while working. They provide lateral support and help you to get in and out of the chair quickly. Adjusting armrest height to a level that fits you helps avoid tension and pain in your shoulder and neck. Adjust the width of the armrest to keep your elbows directly under your shoulders. This adjustment relaxes the muscle in your hands, arms, shoulders and neck.

Adjustable seat 

The most crucial feature in an office chair is the seat pan height adjustment. With the pneumatic height adjustment, adjust the seat height to allow your arm to extend straight out from the elbows to reach the work surface. The right seat pan height avoids excess pressure from building up in your thighs and hips. Adjust the seat pan depth to ensure your body is aligned in the seat and against the chair’s backrest. This alignment eliminates excess pressure on the ends of your thighs. Finally, adjust the seat pan angle to ensure that your back makes good contact with the chair’s backrest.

Adjustable tilt 

The tilt function allows you to recline backwards or lean forward in your chair. The tilt adjustment moves the backrest and seat pan together to minimise the rise of the seat’s front edge. It lets you lean back in your chair with minimum effort and enough resistance to provide back support. Ergonomic chairs with a synchro-tilt mechanism have a waterfall seat design to reduce stress on your thighs while holding backwards.

Caster wheels 

Caster wheels in an office chair help you to move around and swivel without having to stand up. Wheels enable the chair to glide on the floor, and the swivel action allows you to turn swiftly without the need to extend and strain yourself. Your chair speeds up your movement from one seated position to another. Ergonomic chairs with five wheels are safer as they avoid over-tipping. They enable you to move smoothly and boost your productivity.

The office chair plays a significant role in enhancing the look of your home office. You can buy office furniture online at affordable prices in online stores. Order the right office chair for your office from the comfort of your home.

Post Author: Shirley Daniel