Considering a job in cyber security? Here’s what you need to know

Were you aware that fewer than 50 per cent of all companies do not feel that they are prepared for a cyber attack? As online threats take on an entire life of their own, the need for quality security experts has understandably increased. Are you considering such a career? If so, it is important appreciate what is in store. Let’s examine some key takeaway points.

This Role Requires a Fair Amount of Preparation

While it is indeed true that some companies will hire cybersecurity professionals who possess little prior experience, this tends to be the exception as opposed to the rule. The most successful candidates will normally possess a four-year university degree in fields such as computer science, network administration or software engineering.

Technical Prowess is a Must

Of course, it should already be a foregone conclusion that technical knowledge is absolutely essential. Traits include (but are by no means limited to):

  • The fundamentals of computer networking and cloud computing.
  • An understanding of the latest antivirus technologies.
  • Programming languages such as JavaScript and C++.
  • The ability to evaluate and monitor network architecture.

Those who are able to demonstrate these skills within real-time settings are even more desirable, as they can make on-the-fly adjustments while helping to thwart what might have otherwise represented a security threat.

Competition is Rife

While technical expertise is warranted, we should remember that industry competition is rife at the moment. Even those who possess a great deal of talent could therefore find it difficult to land a position without third-party assistance. Thankfully, well-known firms such as Eagle Headhunters executive recruiters

can help candidates obtain the exposure that is required to stand out from the crowd. Simply stated, working with a headhunting service will always provide a beneficial return on investment.

Excellent Communication Skills

Cybersecurity experts will often need to interact with other team members and department heads. So, the myth of remaining seated alone in a darkened room for eight hours at a time is certainly not relevant here. The best candidates will therefore seek to possess specific “soft skills” such as excellent communication and the ability to work within team settings.

The Ability to Work in a High-Pressure Environment

Cybersecurity is a rather unpredictable field in some ways. Days or even weeks may pass without any significant events occurring. However, you could also be suddenly immersed within unexpected scenarios such as a DDoS attack or the loss of extremely sensitive data. So, it is important that you are capable of performing well in situations that require fast decisions and a level head.

The good news is that who are capable of demonstrating their prowess will normally enjoy long, successful and professionally rewarding careers. Do you think that you have what it takes to excel? If so, there is no time better than the present the get the proverbial “ball” rolling. You will be pleasantly surprised with what is in store.