Top Fashion Shops for Petite Women

Shopping for petite clothes can definitely be a challenge. Tops are too big and pants are too long, and you always need to have something hemmed. But with the fashion stores below, you could shop to your heart’s content without having to make a ton of adjustments to the clothes after the fact. So, whether you are a working woman who is also busy going to school online for something like a masters in education or you just want to be sure that your wardrobe is always top-notch for the office, continue reading for a list of must-shop stores for petite ladies.


Walk into just about any mall and you can easily find a J.Crew store. Head to the petite section, where you will find a host of lovely options, including outerwear, separates, and everything in between. You could even find clothes for special events that will fit you perfectly without needing to be altered a bunch. And when you are relaxing at home completing your masters in education online or your MBA online, you could wear some J.Crew casual outfits that are cute and comfortable.


Do you ever wish that the petite section would carry the same styles as the clothes available in regular women’s sections of your favorite stores? Well, Anthropologie has you covered. The clothes that are in the section for petites are often the same as the pieces everyone else has access to in the rest of the store. It’s just that the petite clothes are designed for a shorter woman. Very nice!


Asos is a great place to shop because there are so many petite options. The store itself has a line of petite clothes that you are sure to love, but they also carry other popular petite brands, such as Vera Moda, Waven, and True Decadence. Once you walk in and see all of the great articles of clothing that you could try on and look fabulous in, you will probably find it really hard to leave this petite paradise.

Petite Studio

If you are shorter than 5’2”, you will absolutely love Petite Studio, which is the store specifically geared towards women your size. Founded by Jenny Wang in 2015, every style is cut just right for a petite frame, so you should have no trouble at all finding something that you will look great in. Tailoring not required!

Banana Republic

Another super easy to find store is Banana Republic. Head over there whenever you are in search of great petite clothes in a business casual style that is perfect for heading to class at the university, meeting with clients, or spending days at the office.

So, there you have it: these are just a few of the many great clothing stores that are offering the very best in petite sized fashion for women. Rather than contending with sizes that run too big on your small frame, you could find the outfits that will fit like a glove and look perfect on you, bringing out all of your best features. Happy shopping!