Cannabis Users Aren’t “Stoners” – They Even Buy Cannabutter

Cannabis is one of the most abundant plants on the earth, growing on nearly every continent. It is used for a variety of different things, even if most people associate it mainly with smoking. Yet, proponents of legalizing marijuana encourage people to buy cannabutter or other hemp products, so they can find out for themselves just how versatile this plant is. Did you know, for instance, that Henry Ford once created a car body using cannabis, demonstrating its strength by hitting it with a sledgehammer? He wanted to demonstrate that it was ten times stronger than steel! Cannabis activism is alive and kicking, and the world is thankful to them. So why do people still call those who use cannabis “stoners”?

Buy Cannabutter and Don’t Be a Stoner!

Activists have real issues with being labelled as a “stoner”, because this suggests a type of stigma, in which it appears as if they are only interested in getting stoned. There is significant scientific benefit into the various benefits of cannabis, and those go far above and beyond the fact that they can make you feel “stoned”. Mainly, however, being called a “stoner” makes someone look as if they are addicted to a potent drug and will end up on the streets using illicit substances.

This is a huge stigma that cannabis activists are trying to break through. One of the ways in which they are trying to achieve that, however, is by promoting the fact that there are products other than smoked marijuana available. Cannabutter, for instance, is a fantastic product that can be used for a variety of different things, including skin afflictions. Hemp seeds, meanwhile, can be used in soups and salads. Hemp fiber is perfect for making incredibly strong cloth.

In fact, cannabis has been found to produce ethanol. In fact, it does that with a quadrupled cellulose value, which means it could be an excellent ethanol crop. What this means is that the value of cannabis and marijuana goes beyond the fact that it can get you “stoned” (if used in certain ways), and even beyond the fact that it has important medicinal properties. Rather, it means that it can be used in a variety of different things, from roof coverings to energy production, and that is something that should be considered.

Cannabis is a fascinating plant and one that has caused much controversy over the years. However, more and more headway is being made in raising awareness of the fact that it has many important and beneficial properties as well, which is changing the world for the better. Now that it is known that cannabis can help people with migraines, glaucoma, and cancer treatment, it is also becoming increasingly clear that it can be used for good reasons. And this, in turn, could mean that it will also soon be acceptable to use it outside of the medicinal arena and for other important issues. The year is 2017, and it is about time that people started to embrace natural products more.