Follow These Tips to Get Rid of Bulgy Love

The name ‘love handles’ sounds good but there’s nothing as great about them in the dictionary of human beings. The main meaning of love handles is that side of the body that has excess fat. When you pull up your pants or even wrap yourself into that lovely saree, the fatty handles popping on the sides of your waist are the love handles.

Love handles are also known as muffin tops. Why? Because of its popping nature. Although there are many supplements to cure your love handles, nothing is recorded as great as performing exercises and yoga. These are the most effective ways to cure your love handles and hence in this guide, you will get enormous ways about how to hide love handles.

Top 2 Ways To Get Rid Of Love Handles!

As we move ahead in this blog, we will make you learn some very useful tips about how you can manage to get rid of the love handles rapidly. Try to implement the below mentioned tips in your lifestyle. Try your luck.

l Stop Intaking Excess Sugar

You must know how bad or harmful sugary items are for your physical health. Intake of excessive sugar might risk up your body shape and at the same time can make your body bulgy. Putting on weight is easier but it is very difficult to give up on that extra body fat. Love handles pop up when you eat extra sugar than required in the form of fats, cookies, candies, gummies, sweets, sweeteners, aerated beverages, cold-pressed juices, energy drinks among others. Less consumption of these isn’t harmful to your body but having more can be dangerous. So, keep a watch on your sugar consumption. You must be consuming excess sugar while on your trip and hence you must stop this habit. There are tremendous places to visit in north goa.

l Focus Upon More Fiber Intake

Well, if you add more soluble fiber to your diet every day, you will probably succeed in getting rid of those stubborn love handles quickly. Soluble fiber can be in the form of beans, nuts, legumes, fresh fruits, oats, and others. Fibrous food keeps your stomach filled and does not cause you hungriness for a longer time. This will ensure less intake of calories and hence these are some natural ways to hide side fat.

Effective Ways To Dress Yourself To Hide Love Handles!

The way you dress highly impacts your style. If you have love handles and they are visible in the clothes you wear, you need to change the style of your attire. Keep scrolling to read the ways about how to handle love handles in a tight dress.

l Go For Denim

Denim jeans would hide your love handles most effectively unlike lycra jegging or cotton track pants. If you have visible love handles, then you must opt to wear denim jeans. Why? Because this will hide your extra fat behind its thick fabric and can perfectly cover your bulging fat. Along with that, you can go for a long Kurti which will ultimately hide your lobe handles and give you a smooth look.

l Prefer Vertical Striped Clothes

Well, horizontal stripes can make your body shape look broader, especially the lower section of your body. That is why it’s always recommended to make use of only vertical striped dresses if you have visible love handles. Vertical striped dresses are a good option because it makes you look thinner just like dark-colored clothes and hence the best way to make yourself look in shape.


So, as we have moved on to the concluding part, we believe that you have got a fair idea about how to hide love handles. Wearing high waist panties can also help you hide your love handles as it will control the excess fat behind the tight panty and make you look slimmer in your clothes.

Do follow the above-shared tips in the correct order and make your love handles vanish. You can even send online flower delivery in India along with these tips. It’ll be highly of use to them.