Nectar Sleep Mattress Reviews Different Types of Sleep Disorders

There are many different sleep disorders, each of which has different causes. Nectar Sleep Mattress reviews different types of sleep disorders quite regularly, not in the least to ensure that their mattresses are still fit for purpose. The link between having a good quality mattress and a proper night’s sleep is very well-understood, after all. So, what are some of the most common sleep disorders?

Nectar Sleep Mattress Reviews Common Sleep Disorders

  1. Insomnia, which is the most common disorder of all. It is characterized by an inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep. Insomnia is often caused by anxiety, but it can also cause anxiety in turn. In fact, it can lead to various other health problems, including stress and sickness.
  2. Sleep apnea, which means that breathing slows down in sleep, with between 10 and 20 seconds between each breath, sometimes even longer. Someone who suffers from apneas has to wake up to breathe, which means their sleep is disrupted. They often feel like they are chocking and flail to wake themselves back up, which means sleep is equally disrupted for their bed partners. Sometimes, someone with sleep apnea will have to sleep with a CPAP machine so that they experience uninterrupted breathing.
  3. Snoring, which is not the same as sleep apnea, although many people with apneas do also snore. It is a major disruptive factor to the quality of sleep of the snorer’s bed partner in particular. There are numerous causes to snoring and it may be as simple as training to fall asleep in a different position. Other people have to wear mouth guards or nose clamps to stop them from snoring.
  4. Periodic limb movements in sleep (PLMS) and restless legs syndrome (RLS), which means that someone feels uncomfortable lying down, experiencing creeping, tingly sensations in the limbs that are affected. By moving the limbs, they often feel better. With PLMD, the movement is involuntary and happens during sleep. With RLS, the uncomfortable feeling wakes people up, making them move to find relief.
  5. Narcolepsy, which is a type of neurological disorder that causes patients to fall asleep suddenly, without warning. This can happen within a second in extreme cases. People with narcolepsy almost always feel sleepy. They may also experience cataplexy, which means they lose control over all their muscles when they feel stress or anxiety.
  6. REM sleep behavior disorder, which means that the sleeper starts to act out the things they are dreaming in their REM stage because there is confusion between the cerebral cortex and the pons. It causes a type of paralysis as well, including cataplexy, causing people to suddenly fall down.
  7. Sleep paralysis, whereby someone feels completely paralyzed. Oftentimes, they feel this is caused by some sort of presence that is holding them down.
  8. Circadian rhythm sleep disorder, which happens when the biological clock is disrupted, for instance due to shift work or jet lag.

There are numerous other sleep disorders, but these are the most common and all can be alleviated to a degree, although not cured, by investing in a good quality mattress.