Ways To Help You Live Life To The Full As You Age

Ageing can be a worrying thought and a difficult concept for some, what with the reduced mobility, increased health issues and problems with things like hearing or vision. While some age related health issues can’t be helped for the most part, others can be aided in some ways allowing you to still have a fruitful and full life, even if the ravages of age get in the way sometimes. Here are some of the top ways you can keep living life to the full even if you don’t feel in great condition all the time.

Installing Help In The Home

When it comes to helping yourself as you age, installing the likes of railings and handles on walls, in showers or next to toilets can be a huge help. If you don’t want to damage your walls by drilling into them to install things like handles, you can get special suction cup types that hold onto the wall without causing any damage whatsoever to paint or wallpaper. Budget tight? You could get a used stairlift fitted to help get up and down the stairs to allow yourself the ability to live in your home longer.

Getting Light Exercise

It’s no surprise that for aching joints and muscles, getting light exercise is the best idea. While some age-related aches and pains can’t be helped with exercise, others can be. Do light stretches, easy yoga and lift light weights to help work certain muscles and joints to stretch them out and get them moving. Stiffness in the joints and muscles is one of the most common complaints of old age, with light exercise being one of the best ways to remedy this frequent complaint.

Fixing Aspects Of Your Home

Fixing up aspects of your home can help you create the ideal home perfect for ageing gracefully. Replace ripped carpets and place rubber mats under small rugs in the likes of the bathroom and kitchen to reduce the chance of slips and trips. Yoga mats under rugs are a great way to create a slip-proof surface without needing to spend an arm and a leg, and they can even be cut to size if you find several cheap mats.


Consider reorganising cupboards to help put frequently used items into easy to reach places to reduce unnecessary stretching, bending or other problematic movements including the need to climb on stools or ladders to access certain cupboards. Move heavy bedding like duvets and comforters into torso height shelving to make it easier to take out of closets without having to stretch and pull down potentially heavy bedding and put sheets on higher shelves where they aren’t quite so heavy.

So if you’re looking for ways to stay in your own home longer or you’ve been looking for ideas to help an ageing relative retain their independence, hopefully these tips and suggestions will give you a great starting point to create a home you can be proud of and live in for years to come.