Why you should throw out your brow kit and choose microblading

For years, those with unkempt eyebrows have been forced to pluck these tiny hairs into a suitable shape. However, this can lead to your eyebrows appearing mismatched or overly plucked; it can even irritate the skin itself.

You don’t have to endure this treatment; microblading should be considered as a suitable alternative. If you want to ensure your eyebrows’ perfection, then it is time for you to discard your old brow kit and begin this new treatment.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment where the eyebrow is shaved off before smaller strokes are applied onto the brow. The process is similar to tattooing; however, instead of a block of colour, extremely fine strokes are done by hand to give the illusion of real hair.

This means that your brows will always look great in any situation and will only need a few future top-ups in the future to ensure their shape and colour.

How long does microblading last?

Plucking your eyebrows can be a tedious process. Usually, you have to pluck them every two weeks to ensure that they will remain tame. However, some stray hairs can grow back as quickly as within a day.

The same cannot be said for microblading. Once you undergo the treatment, you will find that you will not need to return for a top-up treatment for at least 12 to 24 months, depending on your skin type. The greasier or oilier your skin, the likelier that the treatment will wear off at a faster rate. Therefore, always be sure to indulge in a skin care routine to make sure your brows last for longer.

The good news is that, once your eyebrows have remained as dry as possible during the first 10 days after treatment, you will be able to rub them without any fear of the treatment wiping off. Better yet, you can even go swimming, and your eyebrows will remain simply perfect.

Is microblading expensive?

You will be happy to know that microblading is actually a very cheap and affordable way of maintaining your eyebrows. Instead of spending money on waxing and threading, or having your eyebrows professionally plucked, you only have to pay around £351 to £586 per session.

Considering how much an average woman may spend on eyebrow treatments and makeup, around £375 per year, you will actually be saving around £172 (on average) per year.

Can I include microblading at my salon?

If you wish to include microblading as a service within your salon, make sure you hire a professional to ensure that the treatment has a positive outcome. While microblading is not the same as tattooing, it requires a careful hand, professional training and previous experience.

In addition to this, you will also want to consider purchasing microblading insurance. Even the most professional of microblading technicians can have a bad day – and, thus, have a problematic experience with the client.

For example, the technician might accidentally injure the client with the microblade. Alternatively, the ink from the microblade could be rejected by the skin and so cause a skin irritation. Protect your business and your staff by insuring it from any potential lawsuits.