Go Green: The Advantages of Switching to Solar Energy

It’s incredible to think that a star about 150,000 Km away powers our little blue planet. Since the 1950s man has developed a way to capture and store that energy. Even more incredible than all of this, is that the power from the sun is renewable energy and completely free.

That said if you want to go green and start using solar power there’s a cost in purchasing the needed technology. Even so, there are many advantages to switching to solar energy.

In this article, we’ll help you to see some amazing benefits of using solar power. Some of these you might be able to guess, but others will catch you by surprise. So put your sunglasses on and let’s take a closer look at solar power.

Spotlight on Finances

How much are you paying on your electric bills now? The average electric bill will vary on usage and the state that you live in. However, around $100 is a fair estimate.

Of course, your bill could be considerably more. When you switch to a renewable energy source like solar power your electric bills will tumble. In fact, depending on how much electricity your solar panels produce your electric bill may be zero.

Harness the Sun — Make Money

For the normal, average household, this may seem like an impossible dream. Yet, with efficient technology like Blue Raven Solar power, any energy that you generate in excess of your needs can be returned to the electricity grid. You will then be paid for that electricity.

Some estimate that it takes about 8 years to pay off the cost of installing solar technology. Given that the estimated lifespan of solar technology is about 25 years, that means you will be making or saving money (depending on your perspective) after that time.

Sundial Incentives

Another important factor to be aware of is that the government is promoting sustainable living by supporting Federal Tax Credits for people getting on board with solar energy. These schemes offer even more savings but they will not last forever.

Time is running out as more and more people see the amazing benefits of solar energy. So give this some careful thought and investigate what schemes are available in your State.

Boost Home Value

Another financial consideration is how investing in solar power for your home will affect the resale value of your property. It seems that overall, solar technology in your home is a win-win. Even if your home value is not directly increased by having solar technology, homes with this technology may sell faster.

Energy Independence

This is related to money but really deserves its own mention. Over the past 20 years or so, the cost of energy has continued to rise. This trend will likely continue in a world with an uncertain economic future.

Bottom line is that if you’re producing your own electricity that’s independent of the economy and from rising energy costs, then as time passes you will be saving even more money. Once again, if you’re producing more electricity than you need, you’ll be making even more money.

Go Green – Save the Environment

Money is not the only motivation in switching to solar energy. A major driver for many people is a better conscience in knowing that they’re doing their bit to help the environment.

The reality is that there may be some things in life that we can’t directly control that negatively impact the world we live in. However, the consumption and source of our electricity aren’t one of those.

Water is one of the planet’s most precious resources. Fossil fuel leads to air pollution but other energy production methods also lead to water pollution. As more and more people switch to clean energy like solar power it will make big difference in reducing water pollution.

There are other forms of clean energy that enable living sustainably but they’re not without some disadvantages. For example, wind turbines create significant noise but one of the advantages of solar is that it is silent in comparison.

Light Touch

Everything needs maintenance. It is one of the natural laws of nature. Your solar panels are no different.

However, a major draw with this type of technology is that it’s a static system which means there are no moving parts as such. That’s excellent news when it comes to maintenance. A lack of moving parts enables the technology to be robust and long-lasting.

The maintenance requirements for solar panels are very low. In fact, the only thing you really need to think about is keeping them clean so that they can operate at their highest efficiency. Cleaning is easy and only requires the use of water.

Stimulate the Market

As more and more people switch to using solar energy to supplement or replace their energy source, this will have a positive impact on the marketplace for this type of technology.

Technology will continue to improve, increase efficiency, and improve its lifespan. The cost of the initial investment will continue to get cheaper as more money enters the market. You can have a part in that process and benefit from it at the same time.

Ready to Switch?

In this article, you’ve read about going green and the advantages of switching to solar power. In an organic nutshell, solar power is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and low fuss.

This energy choice seems to be a win-win and improving all the time. Maybe now is the time to go green and make the switch. You can check out other articles on our site that contain a wealth of knowledge that you’ll enjoy reading.