Online Gambling in Europe: What you Need to Know

There is no doubt that playing games online has become very popular over the years. From poker to sports betting, casino pokies online games to slot machines… it seems that every day brings something new to lure us into gambling. This goes without saying, since the Internet has provided a safe environment to play these games anywhere and at anytime.

Gambling in Europe

The European Union (EU) has been trying to ban online casinos since 2008, however, legislation was only passed in April 2018. All EU members except Malta have now adopted laws to regulate gambling activities. In terms of online poker, Germany and Denmark are currently the two biggest markets, followed by Belgium and Austria.

Europeans are free to gamble via lottery or scratch-cards with their national lotteries and bingo halls. There’s also an abundance of online roulette, black jack and other card games for those looking for some action.

Casino Site Expansion

All European countries have allowed sites like Zynga Poker, Bet365 and others to operate on their territory. They may not be licensed and regulated yet, but this hasn’t stopped them from offering thousands of players daily. For example, if we take a look at Zynga Poker, they offer poker games such as Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha, along with slots, virtual sports betting and live dealer games.

Gambling Safety for Europeans

Gamblers who choose to play within European borders are covered under the rules set forth by the casino français en line Gambling Commission. However, they do need to be aware of the following risks involved when placing bets with any third party site:

• The operator could go bust causing your account balance to disappear

• Money owed may not be paid out

• Illegal offers may be made

The good news is that all operators ensure that their security procedures comply with industry standards. The most widely used form of encryption ensures that communication between player and operator is secure. 

Final Verdict

For those living outside of the United Kingdom, there isn’t much regulation governing the use of third party online casino sites. It’s important to note that despite the fact that gambling should be played responsibly, it can be enjoyed safely and legally.