Why Sagittarius Are Good Conversationalists

Have you ever had a totally absorbing conversation that inspired thoughts and feelings in you that blew you away? Chances are, you were talking to a Sagittarius. Psychic readings for Sagittarius are often positive because Sagittarius is so optimistic. This is another reason that they’re so fun to talk with. Besides being enthusiastic about their own lives, they wholly invest in the people who they are conversing with. 

Rose-colored Glasses

One of Sagittarius’ most profound characteristics is their ability to see the best in people and in the world. They are known as among the most optimistic signs and this partly stems from their ability to not allow things to come between them and their independence. 

The way that a Sagittarius is able to see the world with humor and positivity is what allows them to get through the more challenging parts of life without falling apart. When you’re talking with them, they are able to share this worldview and somehow wrap it around your own problems. This is why the Sagittarius makes good therapists and psychologists. When you talk with them, you know that your words are being received by an empathetic listener.

Comical Genius

The Sagittarius zodiac represents those born under the Archer and their quick wit matches the speed with which the arrow separates from the bow. You can bet that even if you’re talking about a topic that’s tinged with sadness or frustration, you’ll probably grin at some point because the Sagittarius humor, so full of spontaneity, will cull a laugh from some aspect of the dialog. 


Sagittarius respect and value honesty, which means that when you talk with them, you can count on their discretion. They are trustworthy, so even though they are brilliant in a party setting or when someone needs cheering up, they can also keep a secret. When you’re wrestling with something and you need straight answers, even though they might not be what you want to hear, you can count on a Sagittarius to have the tough conversations and lay down the hard truths, when necessary.  


Some of the smartest people are Sagittarius, who enjoy learning for its own sake. Over time, the wisdom that they’ve generated naturally and fluidly finds its way into their conversations. It may be an obscure, but fitting reference or something more topical, but their intelligence allows them to access their vast database of knowledge, while their wit knows just when to use it.

Even if a Sagittarius love horoscope isn’t the most romantic thing ever written in the stars, those born under this sign simply make the best of it. At the end of the day, everything, whether romance, finance or friendships, makes for a good punchline or conversation. The speed at which their brains process information, and can turn it around into a wise, witty or funny remark, makes Sagittarius one of the easiest and most engaging signs to talk to. Visit a psychic today to learn more about this most gregarious of signs or get your own reading today.