Ways To Enjoy Watching The World Cup

With the World Cup right around the corner you might be wondering how best you can enjoy taking in the numerous games. There’s so many cool ways to catch the games and not all of them involve heading to the bar – although that’s one great way. What are your favourite ways to take in the games as they’re broadcast? This year the World Cup is being played in eleven cities across Russia, from Kaliningrad in the west to Yekaterinburg in the east. So what are some favourite ways to watch the games? Here is a roundup of a couple of them!

Hit The Bar

Heading out to your favourite bar is one of the best ways to catch your favourite games. Grab a bunch of your friends and head out for pitchers of beer and bar snacks. You can really make a whole night of it by spending several hours at the bar or going on a bit of a barcrawl to watch a different game in a couple different bars. It’s always nice to have endless beer on tap as well as snacks on demand that you don’t have to provide as well, so what better way than to hit the bar? 


Making a couple of fun bets on the games can be a great way to make them more interesting – especially if you get a couple of your friends together to pool your money. Bettingtop10 is a great resource for sports betting and can be done online as well, meaning that you and your friends can bet for some serious sums of real money to help kick up the excitement a notch on your favourite games!

Friend’s Houses

Going around a friends house is likewise one of the best ways to enjoy a big series of games such as the World Cup. Getting together with your friends at their house can be a hugely enjoyable experience where you can drink all you want, eat snacks, be rowdy and generally enjoy each other’s company without needing to yell over other bar patrons to converse. Friend’s houses are always a great time when you get all the buddies together, so what are you waiting for?

So if you’re looking for truly fun ways to take in the World Cup this year, consider one of the above ways. Sporting events are enjoyable enough already but when you add friends and fun together you get an even better experience! Enjoy!