3 Common PC Issues Users Should Know About

If you are a big fan of video games, you can find many esports events in Melbourne. One of the biggest esports events you can attend is the MEO, also known as Melbourne Esports Open, which showcases famous game titles including Fortnite, Forza Motorsport, Overwatch, and CS: GO, to name a few. There is also the Intel Extreme Masters that has currently shifted to playing the event online due to the pandemic.

However, the only issue you may have is that your PC is too slow to watch online events or even play your favourite PC games. Usually, you can improve your PC’s performance by deleting unused files. But if it is still slow, the best chance you have is to hire a technician providing PC repairs in Melbourne. It would be best to learn the factors that cause poor PC performance and some of which are:

1. Insufficient RAM

The RAM (Random Access Memory) is where every program or software is stored when it is running. Nowadays, every computer should have at least 8GB of RAM because of how applications have been updated. If you have fewer than 8GB, your PC may not run programs faster.

Besides the lack of RAM, your PC might also run slow if you have too many applications open at once. In some cases, PC users would upgrade their RAM to 16GB or 32GB to run multiple programs without the PC getting slow.

2. Insufficient Disk Drive Space

Every file or program that gets installed on your computer will take up space on your disk drive. But after a while, it will start filling up until there is not enough space for additional data to use. That could make your computer slow down significantly or, even worse, freeze and crash. If that happens all the time, that could potentially damage other components besides your SSD/HDD.

The best chance you have of improving your PC is by deleting useless files or programs. Unfortunately, deleting the usual files will not be enough since there will be others that are stored in multiple folders. Only a PC repair can delete those hidden useless files, so it would be best to contact them to free up your disk drive’s space.

3. Multiple Startup Programs

Some PC owners would install several programs that would open every time they turn on the PC. That is only possible when you get a fast processor and a large RAM. It can be annoying when you need the PC to turn on quickly, but it cannot do so because of the multiple programs that open when the PC boots up.

You can disable some apps like Skype to prevent it from booting up when turning on the PC. But if you have had the PC for a long time, there is a big chance for hidden programs to run without notifying you. Most PC experts would check the task manager and see for unknown programs taking unnecessary power.

With the upcoming online events in Melbourne, you will need a fast PC to watch them smoothly. You would not want to watch a stuttering online show, so contact an expert offering PC repairs in Melbourne right away to have your PC serviced efficiently.