5 Ways a Computer Tower Adds Power

Lots of people in 2022 are looking for a device that is fast, portable, and more importantly, affordable.

Indeed, there are a lot of advantages to be had relating to a machine that is transportable and powerful. However, if you ask any tech-savvy person or someone interested in gaming, they will state that if you want a truly powerful machine, and don’t necessarily need it to go with you wherever you go, your best option is to purchase a regular PC with a tower.

Having a PC with a tower guarantees faster running time, more power, and of course, better overall functionality of the machine. Why? Here are some of the ways that a computer tower adds power.

Reliable Programs

Laptops and tablets have a tough job. They need to provide a machine that is portable that can hold a charge with a lithium-ion battery. As a result, most of them can only hold a charge for around 5-10 hours, depending on the programs that are being run.

However, with a PC, it is always plugged in. Lenovo Desktop Computer Towers can divert all the power to the programs being run, without needing to divide ups its power. The result? You don’t need to worry about programs shutting down or lagging, simply because the tower is plugged in. Simplicity really can be key to better function.

More Vents and Cooling 

A PC tower is usually oblong and is fitted with a range of vents and cooling systems around the parts where the machine is more prone to overheating. 

This means that, even if you are running the most recent downloadable game with the highest definition imaginable, you won’t have to worry about the PC or the tower overheating. This can be beneficial for the battery life too and will not put any pressure on the RAM or other parts of the device. For the perfect operation of a PC tower, you can even place a fan nearby to help move the heat away from the machine quicker.

Space for Upgrades

Many people who have a laptop are pressed for space. Specifically, opening the back of the laptop up provides minimal room to place upgrades, such as more RAM or GPUs.

However, as most people know, the tower of a PC is rather empty, meaning that there is more physical space for you to put additional storage and other pieces of kit, thus making the machine more powerful.

More Slots and Ports

A laptop usually comes with 2 USB ports, an SD slot, and a couple of plug-in points, usually for headphones and the charger. However, look at the back of a PC, and you may see up to 10 USB ports, and a range of other slots for plugging in machines, like printers, phone chargers, and even gaming consoles. You can get much more power from this simple design.

Faster Processor

The space associated with the tower itself means that the machine cools faster. As mentioned before, this, in turn, allows the RAM to operate quickly, and for the software to run without overheating. It also allows for a faster processor, meaning that a PC is overall a quicker device to use.