7 Things To Know Before Moving From Toronto To Florida

So you’re looking to move from Toronto to sunny Florida. Here’s a quick list of 7 things you need to know before moving.

1. Healthcare In Florida

Health care in Canada is free however, in the United States healthcare is provided by private companies. The US government offers little to no help with healthcare so be prepared to budget for that.

Florida is known for a place of retirement and beach side living. Seniors flock here in heards to live out there days in the sun. If you’re needing some in home care check out https://spectrumhealthcare.com/services/seniors-for-seniors/live-in-companions/ for more info.

Finally you should seek a Short Term Health Insurance plan that will provide temporary coverage while you travel to and settle down in the US.

2. Finding A Home In Florida

Looking to live the high life then head to Miami or Tampa bay for the most spectacular homes on the market.

Other suburban cities do offer affordable housing and living costs comparatively. The beach side city of Sarasota should be on your radar. Of course you’ll need a local mover so check out local movers Sarasota for some options.

3. Getting The Groceries

Florida is very affordable for groceries. Simple head to the major outlets listed below.


Southeastern Grocers

Whole Foods


4. Getting There

If you’re moving for work then you’ll need to go through the right avenue to do so. The three categories most people choose from are:

Employment Card or Work Permit

Employment Visa

Green Card or Permanent Resident

Getting a Visa is time consuming and often confusing so make sure you sort out all the necessary paperwork and applications required.

5. International Moving Companies

There are many townhouses for sale in Mississauga so list your home early to allow ample time for a sale.

Now you need to decide if you are going to ship your goods via plane or road. Both have their advantages so look into which one suits you best. Plane is naturally going to be the quickest.

6. Financial Services

As soon as possible, open up a new bank account with a local bank. It’s a good idea to keep your CAD bank account open as well for more options.

To open a US bank account you’ll typically need an I.D number and proof of identity with your new address on it. Contact the bank beforehand to double check if they require any further documents.

7. The Beaches 

Coming from Canada, this is probably what attracted you to Florida in the first place. With about 825 miles of beachfront you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re lucky enough you can spot plenty of marine life such as turtles, dolphins and sharks. Florida beaches are usually what

The beach lifestyle is a right of passage for Floridaorians and sooner or later you’ll probably find yourself wanting a boat.

Summer brings many beach parties and festivals so, remember to bring that sunscreen ey!