Abraham Cababie Daniel on the Chateau de Chambord


France’s Loire Valley is just outside of the capital city, and known as the castle region of the country. There are hundreds of different chateaux to visit, and more than 60 are open for public visits. It is known as the Valley of the Kings, because so many chateaux were built here by French kings during the Renaissance, a period that interests Abraham Cababie Daniel in particular. One of his personal favorites, for a wealth of reasons, is the Chateau de Chambord.

Abraham Cababie Daniel and the Chateau de Chambord

This chateau is perhaps one of the most famous in all of the Loire Valley. It is a splendid castle with 440 different rooms over 18 stories, a veritable skyscraper of a castle, therefore. It sits on some 5,440 acres of land and was built for Francois I as a hunting lodge. It was built during the Renaissance and Francois I was fascinated by architecture and hunting. These passions, which Abraham Cababie Daniel shares with him, are apparent throughout the castle.

Its architecture is nothing short of spectacular. Picture high terraces with views of Chambord Forest, the Grand Canal, and the Great Lawn. Venture inside to see the double spiral staircase, which is completely unique. Because of its design, two people could use them but never come across each other. Although the castle has 440 rooms, only eleven are open for public visitation. One of those rooms is Francois I’s private hunting room.

In the eleven different rooms, you can enjoy beautiful tapestries, paintings, and furniture collections. The private collections of Francois I himself are there to be viewed, but so are some from King Louis XIV, as well as both their families. You can truly get up close and personal with the way royalty lived in the Renaissance in France.

The Chateau de Chambord is a unique and beautiful castle and a visit is a truly memorable experience because of its tremendous beauty. But a visit is also educational and a lot of fun, and something to be enjoyed by people of all ages. Children can take part in half day workshops and other classes, where they can spend time with historical figures. These are roles played by members of the Moliere theatre company who really take the children back to the days of the Renaissance, educating them on what life was like in those times.

Additionally, the castle welcomes bookings from private parties and businesses alike. All can rent the facilities and host grand fairs, galas, parties, or seminars with a difference. Some of the rooms will be made available only to them on those bookings, and catering can also be provided.

Of all the chateaux in the Loire Valley, Chateau de Chambord is clear the most extravagant of them all. If you ever find yourself in this part of France, then you should certainly plan a visit here. For Abraham Cababie Daniel, it is the perfect example of architecture and life during the Renaissance.