4 Ways To Make Business Travel Less Stressful and More Fun

If your business requires you to do a lot of traveling then you will know that the pressure and the high level of focus which is needed for these trips, can turn them into a stressful time. When you are stressed, you cannot be as effective as you would like to be and this can have a direct impact on your business dealings. The key to counteracting this is to turn your travel into something more fun and follow the work hard, play hard ethos. Here are a few ways in which you can make business travel more fun.

Go in Company

If you are able to, take the business trip with someone else in order to inject some fun into it. This could be a business colleague who you get on well with, or even your family. If you do decide to go with family, just ensure that they know that there will only be some time together because of meetings. Having someone on the road with you always adds an extra level of fun to your trip.

Outdoor Meetings

If you are selecting the meetings, try to push for a meeting that is not in the inside of an office. There are many places where you can go for a business meeting which is much more fun than an office space. You could go to restaurants, bars or even public libraries, anything that gets you out of that office environment, and out into the real world.

Incorporate Travel

If you can, try to incorporate a bit of traveling in with your business trip. For example, if you are heading to Bangkok for a business meeting, why not see if you can take a weekend in Phuket at the end of your trip. Knowing that you will be able to do some traveling whilst you are on your business trip will help to make the whole trip more relaxed, and ultimately more fun. See what time you have in your schedule and then take advantage of being somewhere different by traveling.

Go To An Event

The key to most business dealings is not just the business meetings themselves, nor the negotiations which you make, but also the strength of the relationship between you and your client. With this in mind, you should try to go to an event in the location of you business meeting either with the company or client that you are meeting up with, or on your own. There are so many possibilities for you depending on where you are and what you’re looking for. On TicketSmarter you can find anything from front-row theater seats to ballet, opera and concert tickets. There are so many exciting events available and while focusing on business meetings is important, so is having fun.

Remember that for you to be at your best from a business standpoint, you need to be relaxed and happy. If you plan a frantic and high pressured schedule, you will find that you are stressed out and ineffective so make sure that you add some fun to your trip .