How a Simple Notebook Can Help You Stay Organised

With so many high-tech options to help people stay organised, it can be easy to forget how well simple tools can work. While many people spend time setting up phone calendars or trying to get organised by using specialised apps, there are easier ways to accomplish the same goal. For example, a regular notebook can be the key to be organized in the New Year. Here are some of the ways notebooks can be used to help stay organised.

  1. Create Lists

Phone apps that create lists and give the user notifications can be easy to ignore. In a world where people are constantly getting notifications, it has become much too easy to just ignore them. A simpler method, like carrying a notebook and keeping a list, can be much more effective and satisfying. Crossing a task off a list when it is completed can be a great motivator for some people, more so than simply ticking it off on an app.

  1. Track Progress on Goals

Flipping through the pages of a notebook and seeing how many goals have been reached is a surprisingly efficient way to see how much accomplishment has been made over a period of time. Simple notes and thoughts can be a great tool to look back upon and gauge the amount of progress made.

  1. Understand Emotions Better

When a person uses a notebook to track how they are feeling or thinking each day, it can be easier to track habits and patterns. There are naturally times of days or days of the week that each person is less happy or productive, and being aware of these times can help to combat these issues.

  1. Get Creative

Writing in a notebook can take a person back to the creative energy they felt back in school. Perhaps they enjoyed writing, drawing, or creative sketching but lost track of it in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Having a notebook handy can reignite these passions and make it easier to start being creative on a daily basis once again.

  1. Be More Productive

Having a place to put down creative ideas, organisational lists, and things that need to be done, which is not a phone or tablet, can make a person surprisingly more productive. There are so many distractions present on an electronic device that it is hard to stay focused. A notebook removes these distractions and makes it easier to focus on the task at hand. It also removes the temptation to waste time. When a person has their phone or tablet out, even if they intend to work, the temptation to get on social media or play a few rounds of a game can be too hard for them to resist.

Using a basic tool like a notebook on an everyday basis can return a person to a simpler mind frame and result in more productivity and better organisation.

better organisation over a long term.

Using a basic tool like a notebook on an everyday basis can return a person to more over a long term.