Ryan Jacob CAE

Ryan Jacob CAE is a college student pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering, majoring in Clean Air Engineering. Recent news reports have highlighted the worrying global statistics surrounding air pollution. India and China have been in the spotlight for having the worst cases of pollution, which has affected millions of lives and severely undermined quality of life in those regions. It’s a worrying trend as the challenges go beyond health, politics, manufacturing and law.

On the other hand, Ryan Jacob is also an avid sports fan. He confesses to being a lifelong fan of both the NFL and the NBA with the Golden State Warriors, the San Francisco Giants and the San Francisco 49ers topping the list of his favorite teams.

The Golden state warriors have enjoyed plenty of sports coverage on TV news the past few years. With the likes of Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, the Warriors have become a force to reckon with in the NBA. The team has managed to scoop numerous awards not to mention winning the 2017 NBA Championship.

Hopes are also high for the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers. After securing a 5-year deal with arguably the best Quarterback in football right now, Jimmy Garoppolo, the team is set to conquer new heights and shame some of its competitors. The miners also beefed up their team with a free agent addition, Weston Richburg. The offensive linesman, Richburg, recently signed a five-year contract with the Niners. It goes without saying that protecting Garoppolo was the first order of business.

Speaking of protection, clean air engineering has a lot to do with protecting the environment. These types of engineers have been improving our wellbeing for ages. It wouldn’t take too long to list the kinds of products and processes impacted by clean air engineers. Their scope of work touches on a broad range of industries and sectors including manufacturing, biotechnology, environmental health, safety industries, healthcare, politics, business services, specialty chemicals and petrochemicals among others.

Within the industries they work in, clean air engineers rely on their knowledge in chemistry and math to overcome technical problems both safely and economically. They also draw upon their engineering knowledge to come up with solutions to technical challenges they encounter. Their expertise is applied in areas of education, publishing, law, medicine, finance as well as other areas that require technical knowledge.

Clean air engineers face many of the challenges other professionals face, and they overcome these challenges by applying their technical knowledge, teamwork, up-to-date practices, hard works and communication skills. Students such as Ryan Jacob work towards a future with numerous benefits ranging from recognition within industry and society and financial reward to the gratification that comes from working on projects geared towards meeting the needs of society.

The work of a clean air engineer often involves creating plans that test and predict possible air pollution problems and, in their research, they generate solutions. They evaluate each project with the aim of finding the most cost-effective solutions while still maintaining recognized engineering and jurisdictional standards.