Three Fascinating Facts About Jeffrey Lupient

If you love learning about the lives of succesful businessmen and women, you may be interested in learning 3 fascinating facts about Jeffrey W. Lupient, who is the president of the Lupient Automotive Group. As in a short period of time, Lupient has managed to obtain the highest possible position at the Lupient Automotive Group.

3 Fascinating facts about Jeffrey W. Lupient:

  1. Jeffrey Lupient followed in the footsteps of his father Jim

Jeff Lupient is the current president and the CEO of the Lupient Automotive Group. Which was founded by his father Jim Lupient. Jim was a legend in his own right and was named TIME Magazine’s Quality Dealer of the Year award in 1990. Two years later Jim was awarded the Sports Illustrated American Dealer of the Year Award.

While Jeffrey was always interested in fulfilling his father’s legacy and continuing on the family business, Jim wasn’t prepared to name Jeffrey CEO of the Lupient Automotive Group, until he proved that he was the best man for the job. As Jim never belied int he concept of nepotism, instead believing that each man should earn his own way in the world.

  1. Jeffrey Lupient studied business and management at Hamline University

After excelling at high school as a sports star and an honor roll student, Jeff Lupient MN enrolled at the Hamline University. Which is an exclusive private college, which is located in Minnesota and is highly regarded for producing exceptional graduates who are well equipped with the skills which they will need to thrive out in the real world.

During his time at Hamline University, Jeffrey made the life-defining decision to follow in his father’s footsteps by pursuing a career in business. With one of Jeffrey’s career goals being to become an executive at his father’s company the Lupient Automotive Group.

  1. As the CEO of the Lupient Automotive Group Jeffrey is responsible for the future success of his family’s business

While Jeffrey’s father Jim founded his business by initially purchasing and opening a single car dealership in Minnesota. Today the Lupient Minneapolis Automotive Group boasts over 8 highly successful car dealerships. Which turn over millions of dollars on an annual basis and is one of the most succesful, lucrative family businesses in Minneapolis.

As Jeffrey is the current CEO and president of the Lupient Automotive Group there is a lot of pressure on Jeffrey to help his family’s business grow and expand. However, as Jeffrey boasts over 10 years of management experience as well as a highly regarded college degree, so far Jeffrey has been able to help his family business’ statistics skyrocket. Which means that his father Jim, made a wise decision when he finally decided to offer his son Jeffrey the top position at the Lupient Automotive Group!

After reading all of the fascinating facts about Jeffrey Lupients success as a businessman and manager, it should come as no surprise that Jeffrey has been charged with taking his father’s business to the next level. So if you’d love to obtain phenomenal success in life, it’s well worth following Jeffrey Lupient’s example when it comes to following your dreams.