Setting up your office for optimal productivity

An office’s design and layout directly affect an employee’s morale, productivity, and performance. Most employees spend at least eight hours a day at their place of work, making it crucial to consider how professional spaces affect their productivity. The right office design promotes collaboration while reducing distractions. 

By making some necessary changes to the office design, you can improve productivity. Below are some important considerations you need to keep in mind when setting up your office. 

Individual Space

Strangely enough some of the most common items that clutter our desks is our jewelry. Things like watches, earrings and necklaces like the ones from are often seen sprawled out across our desks. 

Rather than scattering things around cabinets and desks, make sure that everything is in its rightful place. It is best to file documents and files in filing cabinets, and you can neatly store office supplies in boxes or drawers. Keep items you use frequently at your fingertips.

Don’t be afraid to add your own personal touches throughout the office space.


In order for an office design to work, it must be comfortable, clean, and spacious. Select colors that will be most suitable for the type of work being accomplished in each type of team when creating a professional atmosphere. The ergonomic elements of office comfort and productivity play a major role. 

Natural Lighting

In your office, ensure that you have access to natural lighting. Placing your desk in front of a window is one of the best ways to do this while also saving space. It’s a fact that our eyes aren’t designed to function well under artificial light, but rather under a full spectrum. Your productivity and your vision will both improve with natural light exposure.

Adequate Lighting

In addition to having natural light, your home office setup should have enough lighting. You can see your work more clearly with good lighting and also set your office’s mood and ambiance. You can supplement natural light in your office with floor lamps or desk lamps if you do not have enough window space. Check out this website for some amazing lighting options. 


Most likely, your desk will be your primary work area. It is really up to your preference or your line of work as to what type of desk you should buy. Getting an adjustable desk is an option if you don’t want to sit all day, or you can get a traditional desk. 

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your office regularly and removing clutter have been proven to increase productivity. For those who do not have enough time to complete the dirty work themselves, a professional cleaning service such as Deval Janitorial can provide the solution. 

You can use this quick checklist to get you started on your way to the perfect office setup. 

  • A laptop.
  • A second screen.
  • A standing desk to alternate between sitting and standing.
  • Headphones for reducing outside noise or listening to great music.
  • Good Wi-Fi.
  • Natural lighting.
  • A personal touch!