White Sneakers You Can Wear All Year

White sneakers can provide a perfect match or stylish accent for any outfit. A wide variety of white sneaker designs make it easy to break the old-fashioned rule that white is only suitable for summer. Breathable materials such as canvas are great for warm weather. White leather sneakers can be worn throughout fall and winter and into spring. Breathable features such as perforations can make these shoes more appealing during the summer. Find out more about the latest trends to help you pick the perfect pair of discount Pumas or a style from another leading brand.

Perforated Leather

Perforations allow air to circulate through shoes. These small holes promote internal dryness without allowing in much external moisture. Many leather sneakers feature perforations in patterns for greater comfort in warmer temperatures and faster drying in damp conditions.

Men’s and women’s shoes both feature these functional and stylish details. Get a great deal on tennis-inspired shoes with perforated patterns by looking for fashionable styles of cheap Diadora shoes on clearance.

Colorful Accents

Many white sneakers feature colorful accents for a touch of personality. No matter which contrasting color you choose, these classic styles stay on trend in every season. Select a neutral color suitable for your wardrobe, your favorite color or even a color that corresponds to your favorite sports team to get the most wear out of these shoes throughout the year.

White sneakers with bursts of color are often designed for either active or casual wear. Some styles feature colors that correspond to a shoe brand. Whether you choose high-top sneakers or shoes with low-profile uppers, these shoes may become your go-to for everyday wear.

Platform Soles

Many of the most popular white sneakers for women have platform soles. From slip-on sneakers with elevated thick rubber soles to lace-ups with plenty of cushioning in the midsole over a wide base, platform shoes are one of the year’s leading trends. Casual sneakers in materials such as canvas are best suited for warm temperatures. Select platform sneakers with thick outsoles for athletic wear or for more comfort in cooler weather, rain or snow.

Elevated soles are also popular options for men. Athletic sneakers often feature thick gum rubber soles or colored non-marking soles. Streetwear styles also feature rugged non-slip outsoles with prominent lugs. No matter which look you prefer or performance features you need, you can strike a balance between style and comfort by wearing white sneakers.

Sneaker Materials

Materials are the single most important factor when selecting shoes for year-round wear. Footwear made of leather can be suitable for every season, particularly with perforations on the vamp or quarter. Canvas or other textiles provide better breathability during the late spring and summer. Shoe materials also determine how easily a pair of sneakers can be cleaned, which helps to maintain a bright appearance.

Colorful accents and platforms stay on trend in every season. Choose a pair of versatile white leather sneakers or switch between leather and canvas shoes depending on the weather for the most comfortable and stylish footwear all year round.