6 Self-Care Tips While Working From Home

Self-care is more essential now than it has ever been. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life as we know it. Apart from social distancing, it has seen more people working from home than ever before.

As part of social distancing measures, non-essential workers have been required to stay home in order to stay safe. Individuals who work from home have to juggle work and multiple distractions such as spouses, kids, family, television and the greatest of all, smartphones and social media.

In the midst of all these, it is easy to forget basic self-care while working from home. So, how do you take care of ourselves while working from home?

1. Take frequent breaks

Working from home should be easier than going to the office, but it might end up being more stressful. Divide work time into chunks with break times in between each chunk. Stretch, exercise, listen to soothing music, eat and drink water during your break.

2. Create a healthy routine

While trying to cope with the stress of working from home, try not to resort to binge-eating junk food or drinking excess alcohol. Instead, incorporate activities like exercising, yoga, eating healthy, staying hydrated and digital detoxing into your schedule.

3. Maintain a work-life balance

Working from home cancels out the barriers placed between work and home. Individuals may find themselves working late into the night or neglecting daily activities to get work done.

A firm boundary is needed to restore the balance between work and home. Set rules and adhere to them. For instance, stopping all work activities at your normal office closing time and cancelling out work conversations at the dinner table.

4. Find ways to stay healthy

Given the current global health situation, getting to your doctors is proving tricky for everyone. Waiting times to be seen are extended more than ever, and some practices can only handle COVID related cases at the moment.

However, by investing in private health insurance, you can speak to a doctor 24/7 via video or phone, and have access to priority treatment, access to breakthrough medication and covers fees and hospital bills.

5. Schedule self-care

While caring for parents, spouses, friends, or children, it is easy to forget about ourselves. Setting a particular time for self-care is important, and make sure to add an alarm on your phone to notify you.

Take 30 mins or an hour each day to pamper yourself physically and mentally. Take a walk around your garden, play with your dog, sleep, indulge in a home spa treatment. Just take time for yourself.

6. Remember to reach out

It can be isolating working from home, especially when you live alone. As social animals, we thrive on interaction with other people, especially those close to us.

So, remember to call your parents, FaceTime your friends, chat with your siblings and even check up on co-workers outside of work meetings. Although not a substitute for real-life interactions, it helps in reducing feelings of loneliness.

Self-care is important all the time, but more than ever, when you are working from home. It is important that you are taking proper care of yourself, and self-care is one of the best ways to do that. Use the tips in this article to get you started on your self-care journey.