5 Reasons to Have a Privacy Fence

Generally speaking, a privacy fence is fencing which can provide your home with an ironclad shield from the rest of the outside world. Ideally, for a fence to be classed as a privacy fence, it should be no less than 4 feet in height. Also, it will need a solid infill that will enable you to optimize the privacy of your residential property. In some given circumstances, privacy fencing might feature latticework close to its upper end. This crisscrossing of material with gaps can facilitate improved visibility up high, but privacy down under.

Privacy fences tend to be very appealing solutions to property owners who wish to achieve more seclusion in their backyards. These varieties of fencing can as well improve the overall security of a home. While, at the same time, playing a critical role in keeping young children safe in the yard and restricting the movement pets in one place. Let us now briefly review some of the most popular materials you could use to build a privacy fence.

What are the most common materials for privacy fences?

First of all, wooden privacy fencing is the most pocket-friendly to build, but it also necessitates more upkeep than most other alternatives. Wood fences may be embedded with steel to deter rotting and warping. However, they still require adequate protection from moisture and sunlight damage. Wooden privacy fencing are to be had in pre-fabricated panels, post and rail styles or even lattice styles. Each of which offers a different level of security. You could install a privacy fence of this sort to protect your property from the probing eyes of passersby or inquisitive neighbors. On the other hand, a robust wooden fence may enable you to deny entry into your yard from unwanted visitors, both humans or animals.

On the flipside, there is the vinyl privacy fencing that might be crafted with either solid or veneered polyvinyl. These kinds of privacy fences are noted for their remarkable strength, flexibility and even an innate immunity from decay. Since they don’t necessitate painting and can’t rust, vinyl privacy fencing are low maintenance. They are as well made available in a variety of kits which come complete with all parts required for installation. This means you could install one using DIY methods, but it is highly advisable to enlist the services of a Fence Company Tampa FL contractor to do the job for you. Vinyl fences are to be had in diverse styles and colors too. They can as well be used to build taller privacy fencing when compared with wooden or stone fencing thanks to their lightweight attributes.

Lastly, there are stone, concrete and brick privacy fences that can offer optimum privacy, security and protection. These types of privacy fencing may also integrate a decorative touch to your property’s landscaping. Concrete walls tend to be the most inexpensive of the 3, though they are usually utilitarian in appearance. Alternatively, stone and brick walls present a more natural appearance, and are built to last. Stone, concrete and brick fences are as well low maintenance and can make it virtually impossible for trespassers or stray creatures to break through or climb over.

Well, here are some of the most prominent reasons why you should install a privacy fencing in your residential property.

  1. A privacy fence will add more value to your home

Privacy fencing might substantially improve the resale value of your home. So, if you in the future wish to cash in on your property, you can realize a splendid return on your investment. Typically, most buyers with young kids or pets are more likely to purchase your house if it comes with enhanced security. Nevertheless, the fence material you settle for will have an influence on its R.O.I. For instance, chain link fencing tends to be more pocket-friendly, but won’t add much to the value of your home. On the flipside, a solid wood fence may recoup no less than 50% of the labor and material costs.

  1. A privacy fence can help in street noise reduction

Should your property be situated close to a busy street, highway or freeway, the right privacy fencing can be instrumental in greatly reducing noise. This will make your home a haven of quiet, full of peace and tranquility, whenever you wish to revel in reading your favorite books or simply listening to the chirping of birds.  A solid privacy fence can minimize ambient sounds by as much as 10 decibels. Still, always remember the construction of your fencing will determine its capability to deflect noise. For example, a tall fence with no gaps in-between its boards will efficiently block out noise. On the flipside, a low chain link fencing will have no effect at all.

  1. A privacy fence will define your property’s boundaries

Privacy fencing can facilitate for a boundary demarcation between your property and those of your neighbors. When fences are built on property lines, they can act as a clear indication of where each neighbor is allowed to build, plant or even mow.

  1. A privacy fence will make your yard more secluded

A privacy fence can enable you to host gatherings of your loved ones without disturbing or been disturbed by neighbors. Additionally, should you have a pool, privacy fencing will prevent pool crashers from gaining access to it while you are away.

  1. A privacy fence can protect your home from adverse weather conditions

The forces of the elements can wreck plenty of damage to your yard and house. However, installing privacy fencing, will safeguard your backyard from issues like high winds, heavy snowfall and can even offer a cool shade from the scorching sun.