Avoid Being a Statistic by Getting Back in Shape for the Summer/Fall

As you get older, it becomes more difficult to exercise and lose weight. The middle age spread is a real phenomenon. Couple this with the reality that it’s hard to get back in motion when you’re in your 30s, 40s or 50s once you’ve become a veritable couch potato! The earlier and younger you get back to be a body in motion, the better you’ll feel.

The first few workouts won’t make you the happiest, but after you get over the initial muscle soreness, your body will start to cooperate. Then you’ll see the rewards of the increased activity through weight loss, improved balance and flexibility, and a sense of wellbeing because you’re back in control of your physical fitness once again.

Start Slow. Don’t Let Ego Run the Show

Going out too far, too fast is something that’s more of a male issue than a female one. Doing too much on day one tends to make your muscles feel hellish the next day. Then you’ll associate workouts with pain and will stop dead in your tracks. To avoid this ego trip happening, make the first workout a light one.

You might wish to go running three miles on the first day but try walking around the block and see how you feel instead. Make it two laps the second day and only on the second or third week should you consider a light jog. Mix in walking and jogging to pace yourself and develop new stamina. When your body hasn’t been very active for months (or years), give it time to get used to the idea. Your body will catch up to your desire to be more physical, but it does take time. Have a look at the Utah Peoples Post to get inspired with some positive health-related stories to stay motivated.

Focus on Flexibility

Women tend to be far more flexible than men. Men are built kind of straight and boxy, not curved and supple. As a result, it’s harder for men to develop flexibility to do the splits, for instance, but it’s still possible given time to do so. To build improved flexibility (and balance), perhaps a series of stretches to extend your tendons and muscles out is in order. Make sure the body gets stretched a bit beyond what feels comfortable, but not so far that you’ll cause injury. Do small stretches initially and extend the time you can hold the stretch before trying to go deeper with the stretching moves to protect your body.

Try Yoga

Yoga is an excellent way to get used to your body in the shape it’s in presently and encourage it to comfortably move into different positions. It’ll feel awkward at first but holding positions for a period is much harder than it looks. Start with beginner yoga poses and if you cannot get to a beginner’s yoga class, look up some yoga videos on YouTube to get some inspiration. While the practice of yoga does burn calories, it’s also excellent for improved posture and getting both the mind and body in the right place.

Whether you’re working out at the park or have signed up to a gym, the important steps are the decision to start back on your health journey and then to continue with it at least 3-4 days a week. It’s much better to go for a 15-minute walk which you can fit into even the busiest of days than to abandon your workout because you feel overwhelmed. Exercise is an excellent stress reliever and helps you manage the other parts of your life, not the other way around.