Chemotherapy: 6 Vital Things One Must Know


Every cancer treatment is different. That is why most cases are handled per the patient being treated, not by what has happened with others. Below you will find about six facts about cancer treatment that you should be are of if you are undergoing treatment( in particular, chemo treatments).

Getting treated at a hospital

You will not necessarily have to stay in the hospital for long(overnight even). There is a common misconception that cancer treatment involves long stays at a hospital. You can get your treatment done at your home now. That way, you will not have to leave your home comfort.

You can also get treated in the outpatient wing of the hospital(if your doctor tells you that you have to). Some of the factors they look at for his diagnosis include whether or not you have had this treatment before, how long you have had cancer and other health issues related to your family background.

Your doctor will also ask about your preferences first. You can opt for the outpatient or at-home treatment if you want.

Different treatment ways

You might need to have some chemo through an IV. Your doctor might also suggest having the IV through a skin cream. Again, this all depends on who your doctor is and the situation. The IV can be administered in your stomach or hip. Your doctor can help you to understand which option is best and why.

Your doctor might recommend that you take a pill. All we are saying is that you have a lot of different options, options that were not available before.

Know your tumours

We get questions about tumours. What happens when you cannot get rid of the tumour growing inside? That is when your doctor might opt for a chemo treatment to be done anyway. Chemo does work to get rid of the cells, but it can also be used for other things too.

The chemotherapy can kill any cells that might have developed during your surgery. It can also be used before you get something like radiation. The chemo can also reduce some of your cancer symptoms, even if the treatment has not killed cancer altogether.

You will have to talk to your doctor about all of this. Find out from him or her the best course of action because every patient is different.

Are you fine working?

Did you know that you may be able to continue working during this time? Some patients can work without any problems. Once again, this is something for your doctor to decide. You may even be able to work remotely while you recover if you have one of those desk jobs. That way, you can keep money coming in without sacrificing your health and well-being.

The symptoms differ to each patient

Your symptoms and side effects are going to be different. Some patients experience very mild side effects during this time. Others experience very severe symptoms. Please talk to your doctor about any symptoms and side effects you may be having right away.

Understand the side effects

Some of the side effects you have may not show up right away. You may have to go a few years before something like lung problems start to show. You could have fertility issues. That does not bode well for cancer patients who want to have a baby.

We encourage you to have open and honest discussions with your doctor about everything during your ongoing treatments.