Glo Gives All The Benefits of Yoga By Providing Yoga Online

Yoga is an ancient practice that is designed to bring the mind and body in harmony. It has a number of benefits for your mental health and your physical health, many of which are even backed by science.

If you are new to yoga, check out the top ways yoga can benefit your health. If you can’t make it to a studio in person or you just don’t feel comfortable going to a class, check out the yoga online platform, Glo!

Decreasing Stress

Yoga is known as one of the top exercises to decrease stress. Since yoga and meditation go hand in hand, it can help you change all those critical thoughts, helping you get more at the moment.

Yoga also promotes relaxation. Several studies looked at how yoga affects people who are emotionally distressed. One of them demonstrated that after only three months of doing yoga consistently, they had significantly lower levels of cortisol. They revealed they had lower levels of anxiety, depression, and stress. Another demonstrated that only ten weeks could create a dramatic effect on your physical and mental life.

Glo is a great way to do your yoga online. You can also pick from hundreds of different meditation classes, even if you are a beginner.

Yoga Relieves Anxiety

Our modern world is designed to cause stress and anxiety. With the constant notifications from our devices to the long work days, it can often be difficult to manage your anxiety.

There are several studies demonstrating how yoga helps reduce feelings of anxiety. In one study, more than thirty women who had been clinically diagnosed with anxiety started participating in a yoga class for two months. They went to two classes each month, and those who did were revealed to have lower anxiety levels than the control group.

Another study looked at women who had post-traumatic stress disorder. This disorder has symptoms of extreme anxiety and fear after seeing a traumatic attack. After ten weeks, the women who had PTSD were shown to have remarkably fewer symptoms. More than half no longer even met the clinical criteria for PTSD.

If you are anxious about going to a class and looking foolish in front of all the athletes, you might want to consider doing yoga online.

Yoga Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is another chronic problem in our current society. With high salt food and overwhelming stress, the body often responds to these stimuli by raising inflammation in the body. Inflammation might be a normal immune response, but having it constantly can lead to diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Those who practiced yoga in the study demonstrated that they had lower levels of inflammation than those who didn’t practice it at all.

In a group of women who had breast cancer, they demonstrated less inflammation over twelve weeks. It also helped with their chronic fatigue.

What is Glo? How does Yoga Online Work

Glo provides all the health benefits of yoga in a digital space. You are not bound to a single practice. Instead, they have specific programs designed for beginners. They have more than 300 different online classes for you to try and develop the best practice for you.

The best part of Glo is that you have access to yoga online for $18 per month, the typical price of a drop-in class. Glo also provides a free trial, so you can see if it is right for you.

The teachers are some of the best in the world, and they understand that everyone needs a way to turn off the distractions of the world for a little while. The network of instructors is well known all over the world.