How To Combat Stress With Online Yoga From Glo

There’s no question that our daily lives can be stressful. Between our personal and professional obligations, it seems like we’re always being pulled in multiple directions. With out busy schedules, many of us feel like we don’t have the time or the resources to practice proper self-care.

Many of us tend to neglect our physical and emotional health when life starts to get stressful. Thankfully, there’s a service that’s trying to help us to combat stress and calm our bodies and minds. Glo is an amazing monthly service that allows you to practice online yoga from the comfort of your own home. Glo also offers meditation sessions for those who want to improve their mental well-being and pilates classes for those who’d like to get into better shape without having to join an expensive gym.

If you want to combat stress and start taking better care of yourself, consider these three amazing online yoga courses available via Glo.

Self-Care Through Yoga and Ayurveda

Under the guidance of instructor Felicia Tomasko, you’ll learn how to take ancient self-care practices and use them to combat the stress of modern life. This course offers a mix of lectures to help you grow your mind and guided online yoga classes to help you heal your body. Ayurveda is the ancient practice of nourishing one’s mind and body. Although this practice might be very old, it’s still extremely relevant and useful today. The yoga poses taught in this course are designed to help you gently melt away stress and restore your inner sense of well-being and peace.

Practice You

Many times, our feelings of unease and unhappiness can be traced back to the fact that we aren’t living our most authentic lives. The demands of modern life can often force us to have to neglect our true selves in favor of fulfilling a role that others demand we play. In this course, talented instructor Elena Brower uses ancient yoga poses to help guide you towards getting back in touch with your truest and most authentic self. This course incorporates mindful meditation as a way for you to listen to the voice within and return to the person who you’re most meant to be.

The Kleshas: Navigating Life’s Roadblocks

A “klesha” refers to the roadblocks that we find in our lives. For some these roadblocks may be personal, while for others they might be caused by professional or academic obligations. In this course, instructor Stephanie Snyder uses yoga to teach you how to approach the challenges that life so often presents to us. Instead of utilizing negative coping mechanisms, you’ll learn how to work through your problems and challenges in a healthy and mindful way. By the time you finish this amazing course, you’ll be better adept at approaching your problems with patience, wisdom and a renewed feeling of calm.

Life can be challenging and we can often neglect our own self-care in favor of trying to care for others instead. While it’s good to be selfless and empathetic, there’s nothing selfish about caring for yourself first. In fact, doing so ensures that you’re mentally and physically healthy enough to care for others. You’re no use to anyone if you’re plagued by stress and inner turmoil.

These courses from Glo will enable you to learn how to combat stress and restore that highly coveted feeling of calm and inner peace. The best part of online yoga is the fact that you can experience these changes from the comfort of your own home instead of having to go to an expensive and crowded studio.