Safety Protocols to Remember When Visiting Your West Ryde Dental Clinic

West Ryde is a strategic suburb in Sydney located northwest of the Central Business District. The area is an amazing place because it is not too crowded and not too isolated for comfort. Many of the conveniences anyone would have in West Ryde are park and recreation like the Lions Park and Anzac Park, great shopping options including West Ryde Marketplace, and the Toy Ryde City Shopping Centre.

Although most sectors are still trying to get back to normalcy, scheduling a visit to a west ryde dental clinic continues. The Australian Dental Association has advised that dental services in areas with no home-restrictions or has low numbers of Covid-19 can continue providing services.

Understanding Your Risks During a Dental Visit

It is relatively safe to visit your dentist because clinicians understand the importance of sanitising the office at all times, pandemic or otherwise. Nonetheless, being aware of all possible scenarios and being proactive in maintaining the minimum health standards will keep you safe.

The coronavirus is airborne, meaning it survives suspended in the air. Dentistry tools, including drills and various ultrasonic cleaners, spew aerosols that could contain viral strains that linger for up to an hour in the air. It is a standard practice in a dental clinic to keep these tools sanitised after every patient’s use.

When visiting your dentist, it is always a practical choice to keep your hands clean and avoid touching surfaces. Nonetheless, the World Health Organisation advises refraining from touching your facial orifice to avoid getting the virus.

Should You Go to Your Dentist for Non-Emergency Cases? 

There are a lot of risks when delaying dental care. For example, a cracked filling can quickly worsen if purposely disregarded. Visiting your west ryde dental clinic can have a chipped tooth repaired in no time and with less potential exposures to Covid-19.

Non-emergency issues, including a simple dental cleaning, is also vital. Take note that prolonged periods of quarantine have worsened people’s diets. Increased intake of foods that drive dental decay, such as sweets and sodas, lead to bigger problems in the long run.

A greater concern of catching SARS CoV-2 comes from travelling to and from the dental clinic. The risks of getting the disease are higher when a person has to travel via crowded public transport. It includes commutes using the subway or riding on the bus. It is always advisable to travel with a safety kit and follow the standard health protocol enforced.

Securing Your Overall Health with a “Safe” Dental Clinic

Asymptomatic people can quickly spread the disease without knowing it. It is the reason contact tracing is a standard in Australia. Inexpensive, rapid test kits are not yet available; so a dental appointment will start with a pre-screening questionnaire.

Few of the questions you would encounter are regarding experienced fevers and cough or potential exposure to a Covid-19 infected. Few patient visits are also allowed per schedule to avoid crowding. A nurse will take your temperature, and waiting room chairs will be arranged to allow social distancing within the office.

Safety during dental procedures has also significantly changed. Gloves, masks, and PPEs are common, and increased ventilation to avoid stale air from settling is followed. It is safe to say that a dental visit to your West Ryde dentist will not put you in danger of contracting Covid-19.