Smile as bright as the summer with these simple treatments

Having a pearly white smile is the key to inner confidence. Not only can it make you feel great about your appearance but you will be put at ease knowing that your teeth are extremely healthy. So, you may be wondering how you can restore your smile in time for summer. Well, here are some treatments to get you started.

Oil Pulling

If you want your smile to sparkle then you may want to consider putting coconut oil on your teeth. This treatment, also known as Oil Pulling, does not require you to undertake any form of simple surgery. Instead, you simply need to invest in a bottle of oil and swirl it around on your teeth. Now, oil pulling works by the idea of the oil literally “pulling” the bacteria away from your teeth. Although you can use several different types of oil, coconut oil is the most popular choice for users. This is because it has a nice taste to it and its additional health benefits, including its ability to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation of the gums. This means that you will be helping your teeth improve their general health, and will also be able to improve their overall appearance.

Teeth Whitening

Whether you decide to go to a dentist in Edinburgh or a dentist in Balham, one of the most common ways of improving the aesthetic of your smile is through bleaching. Your dentist will add a bleaching agent to your teeth and then will use an ultraviolet light to activate it. Whilst the session is pretty simple and will only take around 45 minutes to complete, keep in mind that this can become quite pricey, with some treatments costing over £500.  Instead, if you want a cheaper alternative, you may want to consider investing in bleaching-kits that can be recommended to you by your dentist.


As we get older, our teeth get more fragile and brittle. Everyone knows that sinking feeling when you bite into something only to feel something hard on your tongue, and to then find out that it is a bit of tooth. That’s why dental bonding can be so useful. If you have any unsightly gaps, chips or cracks, then your dentist can use tooth-coloured bonding material to hide them away. Not only can this enhance the fibre and enamel of your teeth as a whole, but it can actually be used to smooth the shape of your teeth and make them look more even. The procedure can take around 30-60 minutes depending on how many teeth need bonding work.


If you are looking for an alternative to Bonding, and are willing to spend a little more on your smile, you may want to consider investing in Veneers. Veneers can be made of porcelain or plastic and can be moulded to suit the natural shape of your teeth. These veneers can cover your teeth and disguise any decay or discolouration. Just keep in mind that these caps can be pricey, with some veneers £500-£650.