The Impact of Blockchain on Businesses

Blockchain has become a major technological trend in these past few years. Many people see it as a major game changer in many fields. Countries all over the world are  aware of  the benefits of blockchain and they are taking measures to ensure that this technology would be adopted by most industries.

Blockchain promises to offer transparency and traceability and will change the way in which businesses are operated and information is distributed, similar to how the internet has affected businesses the moment it went mainstream.  Many countries are experiencing a boom in start-up companies that are making use of blockchain technology. The area of finance is where blockchain is mostly used, and this is no surprise, considering that blockchain is mostly associated with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

What is Blockchain

It is important to know what blockchain is before delving into the details of how it can reinvent the wheel. To put it simply, blockchain is a distributed database synchronized across multiple devices. The database is in a constant state of growth as each new block is added to it. The new block that is added will contain a link to the previous block, and that block to the one before it, and so on, forming a “chain”. The interesting part of all of this is that all of the blocks are preserved and the data is decentralized, therefore it is impossible to manipulate them using fake information.

Blockchain in Gaming?

Blockchain can be used to store all kinds of data such as medical records, private messages and all kinds of personal information. Video game companies are also considering ways in which blockchain can be implemented in their games. Ubisoft has been experimenting with blockchain since 2018. The experiment is called HashCraft. The experiment was conceived by Nicholas Pord and his team at Strategic Innovations Lab. The Strategic Innovations Lab is helping Ubisoft to be gaming “future proof”, and its job is to anticipate the future trends in the gaming industry.

HasCraft is a multiplayer game and takes place on a unique island generated by the user’s computer where you are able to create tasks for future visitors on the island. You are able to do whatever you want with the tools provided after which you can publish it. It is then saved in the blockchain as your creation and you literally own the island. The experiment is known to be finished, however, demonstrating its potential to the public and to the rest of the gaming industry continues.

Transparent Casinos

Other uses of blockchain in gaming is in online casino games. This is an area where both players and the online casino industry will greatly benefit. Because it is the internet, many people are weary of online casinos, as they require the personal information of players in order for their accounts to be verified or created. Some times, this process can be lengthily and also limits the number of players.

With blockchain, a user’s personal information is safe as they do not require entering any personal data when registering, thus providing anonymity. The situation is looking good for both players and the casinos. Security is one of the most important aspects of any online casino and with the use of blockchain the casino can be seen as more trustworthy and transparent than others.

The technology is still in its infancy and still needs to be developed and find ways in which it can be used to further increase security and features for businesses and people alike but from what is known, it is surely a great leap in technological innovation.