What A Women’s Health Specialist Does

Do You Need An OB-GYN, And What Is One?

An OB-GYN is an obstetrics and gynecology professional. Essentially, such medical practitioners deal with health issues related to female anatomy—specifically, that involved in reproduction.

Such professionals can help catch cancers of the cervical or ovarian variety before they end up causing irreparable—or even fatal—harm. This is just one of many things that OB-GYNs do. Following, we’ll cover a few specific areas where you would be wise to consider the services of a gynecologist.

OB-GYNs Help Women Have Successful Pregnancies

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There are congenital issues which affect a woman at the genetic level, and may make pregnancy a bad idea. Sometimes a woman can successfully carry a baby to term, but the stress of the pregnancy is such that after the pregnancy, they aren’t able to recover. An OB-GYN can help determine if you’re bodily able to sustain a pregnancy.

STDs Can Be Diagnosed And Treated Via OB-GYN

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There is an epidemic of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) worldwide. Today’s youth are perhaps more sexually active than in recorded human history—though that may be a biased perspective. Regardless, OB-GYNs commonly diagnose varying venereal issues, and can help you determine what sort of treatment is best.

Often, an antibiotic will clear up a venereal disease, but this isn’t always the case, and some conditions transmitted through sex will stay with you for life. Prior intercourse and after intercourse, you may want to check with an OB-GYN to assure your reproductive anatomy is functioning as it should.

Examinations Can Help Catch Cancer Early

Intercourse with uncircumcised men puts women at greater risk of cervical cancer owing to foreskin smegma that expands the risk of a woman contracting HPV. Certain sexual activity can also increase the risk of ovarian issues which additionally develop into fatal cancers over the long term.

Not only are cervical and ovarian cancers something that an OB-GYN can screen for, breast issues can also be diagnosed early through a mammogram, or certain genetic markers which indicate the likelihood of cancer developing years down the line. For screenings against cancers related to reproductive issues, you definitely want to consult an OB-GYN.

Birth Control Can Be Matched To Body Chemistry Via OB-GYN

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Birth control works like this: it tricks your body into thinking it’s pregnant, keeping you from ovulating. At least, that’s how the pills tend to work. There are also “dental dam” options and diaphragms, which need to be installed. Finding a good ObGyn in Rockwall like those available through the hyperlink can help you determine what sort of birth control is best for you.

Every woman is different, and some are more able to handle certain side effects of birth control than others. If you’re going to be as safe as possible while remaining sexually active with multiple partners, birth control just makes sense. Even if you’re only with one partner, you may want some sort of birth control; and getting the best solutions requires consultation.

Consulting an OB-GYN When The Time Is Right

There are times when you don’t need an OBGYN for reproductive issues, but generally, such professionals are necessary throughout the development, maturity, and denouement of your feminine physicality.

Young girls go through puberty, and become women. Young women reach a peak of reproductive potential, and eventually, like a flower ending it’s bloom, that period ends. Throughout each stage in your developmental process in terms of reproduction, there are things a gynecologist can help you through.

Screenings, advice, birth control, and therapy can all be attained through the right OB-GYN, so if you don’t have a regular medical professional whom you consult in this area, it’s worth your while to find one.