Best Women’s Day Gift: Handmade Portraits

Every March 8, the struggle of women for equality, recognition, and effective exercise of their rights is commemorated throughout the world. This is the story of the women’s day. To commemorate the day, we show our love towards them in exchange for gifts. But, gifting women can be extreme. Or, something very easy when the woman gives tips on all the things she likes. Or, something extremely difficult if you have no idea. A great gift opportunity is handmade gifts such as handmade portraits, those that are often exclusive, and unique.

If you are lucky, there are beautiful craft fairs where you can find charming products that are sure to make women’s eyes shine. But, sooner or later they all become old or, useless. except, a handmade portrait is unique. It will not only enhance the beauty of the interior, but holds your relationship much stronger.

BookMyPainting is one such place where you can find this essence of care and dedication with the assurance of 100% authenticity. They feature dedicated and talented artists who’ll bring any bit of an image into life. It is a technology-based platform where you can easily get one of those beautiful creations.

BookMyPainting provides different half a dozen art styles and a variety of options for your size preference as well and you can incorporate your touch the way you want – entirely at the most reasonable prices! All you have to do is to choose your medium, upload your favorite picture of your child, and select the desired size and order. Voila! Your work is done.

What type of handmade portraits are there?

Choosing the perfect gift for the women’s day has become increasingly difficult year after year. This year why not make a unique, and eternal gift that your partner will always remember? BookMyPainting have artists specialized in handmade portraits who will turn a photo into a personalized handmade Portrait. There is nothing that says “I love you” as a gift made with the heart that celebrates your memories. There are mainly four types of handmade portraits which we will discuss in this article.

Oil Portraits

Oil painting on canvas is the most popular medium, and the one that achieves the most vivid reproductions of photographs. The artist who paints with oils has at his disposal all the techniques and styles, where most other media are limited in their stylistic ranges. An oil painting is a family heirloom that you will be proud to keep in the family for many generations. The oil is painted on canvas, and can also be ordered as a canvas on a frame (stretched on a wooden frame), which allows you to have a painting ready to hang without spending extra money on any frame.

Charcoal Drawings

The artistic simplicity of black, and white. Although charcoal achieves the vividness of black and white media, they are usually paintings with much more contrast than pencil paints. In fact, contrast is the main nature of charcoals. The darkest blacks that are achieved with the charcoals sketches from photos give a dramatic touch that would be more subtle with other techniques. If you love black and white images, and are looking to add more emphasis, consider charcoal as your technique. Material and frame – paint on paper, and requires a protective glass when framed. If your photograph is an exterior/landscape photograph, or if you would like the background to be painted in detail, consider other techniques such as oil.

Pencil Color Sketches

Pencils can go from very soft, and very dark tones, and intensities. The fine lines of a well-sharpened pencil are almost impossible to create with a brush, and it is completely impossible for pastel and acrylic paints. Color pencil shading is one of the best features that this medium provides.

Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor is a very distinctive type of painting technique. Transparent watercolors distinguish your painting from any other technique. The magic of color mixed with water gives the painting a soft, rustic and ancient feel. Material and frame – paint on paper and requires a protective glass when framed. Watercolors painting adapt very well in the painting of houses and exteriors/landscapes.

It is more than just a gift

In this women’s day do not just buy a gift for the woman whom you love, admire, and adore. Let’s just make it memorable with handmade portraits. No matter what quality photography is, there is always something beautiful and timeless that distinguishes the paintings. Especially for sentimental reasons, people began to appreciate painted photographs as a new means of expressing their affection. Now they can look at the paintings and appreciate, not only the genius behind them, but also the memories they immortalize.