Tips & Suggestions for Saving Money for Travelling

Nowadays, it is really hard for us to save money for different trips and journeys we are planning. Life becomes so expensive that without saving, our chances, for making our dream travels real, are almost zeroed. This is why we have prepared for you some nice and easy tips which can help you to save some money. Of course, for you some of the suggestions might not be that easy at all but you should push hard and try to stick to them if you want to have money for your planned adventure.

Closing the Not Needed Bank Accounts or Debit/Credit Cards

Absolutely every person is having more than one bank account. This is not that bad but if you do not use all of them, why should not you close them. After all, on a monthly basis you are paying a fee to the bank that it is supporting your account online. Surely, this money can be avoided and the cost for supporting more than one bank account is really serious.

Imagine if you have 3 bank accounts or debit/credit cards and you are just using 1. Better close the other too and save like 20-30$ monthly. It is not that much money but calculating it on an annual basis, it is not a small number. Money which can cover your travel or food expenses (depending the destination, of course).

Finding a Job as a Freelancer

If you have a hobby or something which you can do in your free time for money, you should consider doing it. When you are at home, laying on the couch or sitting on the sofa, why do not you start doing something for money? There are many freelancing platforms like UpWork and Freelancer where you can try your luck and see if someone can hire you for a project. Definitely, there is a lot of work you can do even without any skills. Who is running away from some short money, earned in your free time out of the office?

Amazon Dropshipping

We can see that dropshipping is very popular, nowadays. More and more people, all over the world are using this method of making money while they are staying at home. It is of course, not that easy. You will need to have a good mentor, who can show you the basics but still, on the internet there is enough information, so you can educate yourself.

Currently, one of the most used platforms for dropshipping is Amazon. Though, many people prefer using alternatives like Ebay, Aliexpress etc. If you are going to start doing something like this, you will definitely have to read a few articles about it. There are many books released, so find the best and give it a try. It can even turn into a full time job as you will have plenty of time for travelling and enough money to cover the costs for it.

Make a Savings Account

If you have a serious job with a stable income, coming every month, you should consider creating a savings account. It can happen easily when you go to your bank office and ask the workers to create such a thing for you. It should be absolutely free and you can link it with your salary.

By linking, we mean to set a percentage which will be taken from your salary as soon as you receive a wage income. For instance, no matter how much you are getting, one 10% can be transferred to your Savings Account. It is very important no debit card to be connected with that account.

In the future, when you have enough money, you can always go to the nearest bank office and withdraw partly or the full amount so you can cover your dreamed trip.

The Bottom Line

We have shared with you amazing tips and tricks which can reduce your expenses, allowing you to travel more. It is difficult to cut your budget, especially when you get used to the life you are living. Still, if you want to go to your dream places, some sacrifices have to be done.

If those tips are not going to work for you, you can always try visiting bingo sites and play the latest games. It can bring you some pretty nice profit along with great fun in the long days when you are not working in the office.