Signs Of Injury In Your Hand, Wrist, Or Elbow

Determining If You Need Orthopedic Assistance

We use our arms and legs a lot in the day-to-day. Even for those who aren’t regularly involved in athletic activity, there’s ample opportunity for injury. Those who play sports on a regular basis are in an even more compromised situation. If you’re going to retain full mobility in your limbs, you owe it to yourself to watch for signs of degradation.

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When you can catch injuries early, they don’t impact you as hard as they would otherwise. Sometimes, by letting an injury go without treatment too long, you do yourself irreparable harm.

The difficulty is determining if the pain you’re feeling is something that requires the assistance of a qualified orthopedic professional, or if said pain is something you can recover from on your own provided you maintain healthy activities and don’t over-exert yourself.

Following, we’ll look into aspects of injuries to the hand, wrist, or elbow which may indicate you’ve sustained an injury that requires professional attention.

Weakness, And Chronic Pain That’s Felt Acutely Or Continuously

A clear sign of injury is weakness. When your elbow seems to get stiffer when you curl your bicep, or you lose the ability to lift weight you had no trouble with earlier, you may well have sustained an injury. Sometimes the pain associated with this weakness is nonexistent, sometimes it’s acute, sometimes it’s a throb that never goes away.

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In hands, elbows, or wrists, any weakness, acute pain, or continuous pain could be a sign you’ve sustained an injury. This can be especially hard to determine on your elbow. You may do fine at pull-ups for months, and then suddenly one arm is like a noodle—that may well be an injury requiring an elbow doctor to diagnose.

Observe the limb a week or two and see if there are changes. If there aren’t, and the pain persists, or the weakness persists, then you may well want to go see a professional. Whatever you do, as soon as you notice something is wrong, quit stressing that part of your body.

Clear Signs Of Swelling And Stiffness

If your wrist, your elbow, or your hand starts to swell up, that’s a sign of inflammation. The body responds with inflammation when some sort of damage requires internal components of the organic “machine” that is you be better protected.

Illness or injury cause inflammation, and sometimes the inflammation can itself become something which threatens health. When your arm becomes stiff or swells up, something is wrong, and it makes sense to have an orthopedic professional take a look.

Strange Pops Or Snaps With Movement

Hands, wrists, and elbows should not commonly snap, crackle, or pop when you move them. You’re not a box of Rice Krispies. That said, there are certain pops and crunches which aren’t a “big deal”.

While it’s debatable whether or not popping your knuckles is a good idea (some practitioners say it’s healthy, others don’t), what’s not debatable are novel crunchy sounds. When you can feel these in your hand, elbow, or wrist, you want to take note—especially if you’ve lost some motion, or you feel pain, or you see inflammation.

When Limbs Are Out Of Alignment Visibly

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Certainly, if your arms, your elbows, your hands, or your wrists look like they’ve been deformed, you want to get that looked at. While you can probably retain some level of recovery, injuries that deform your body need to be looked at by professionals if you want to get anywhere near regular functionality.

Getting The Medical Assistance You Need

Working with an orthopedic doctor in Brick makes a lot of sense if you’ve noticed things like those mentioned here regarding elbows, wrists, or hands.

When your limbs are visibly deformed, you hear strange new sounds with motion, you experience weakness, or there is pain of either an acute variety, or a continuous kind, it’s time to see an orthopedic professional.