5 Things To Consider Before Moving From USA to Canada

1. Canada Truly Has Four Seasons

Something a lot of people might not be used to is experiencing all the different seasons. This rings true if you live in a place like L.A for example where the seasons are mild compared to most parts of Canada.

Prepare for the cold and know what you’re getting yourself into before you pick a city to live in. Temps can vary between -40 degrees celsius all the way up to 40 degrees in summer.

Temperature and weather can actually affect your moods so choose your location based on what is manageable by your standards. And if you don’t like snow Canada might not be the spot for you.

2. Healthcare Is Free ( Kind Of )

A huge draw for a lot of people is that Canada offers free health care to their residents and citizens.

Seeing a doctor won’t cost you anything out of pocket however, if you need to purchase prescribed drugs you will have to fork out for that one.

Not all healthcare is covered such as dental care for example so you’ll still need to pick a health care plan that’s right for you.

Being such an active society taking care of your body from head to toe is going to be necessary. Not sure which company to go for, no worries check out https://spectrumhealthcare.com/services/specialized-services/foot-care-clinics/ for more information.

3. Summer Is King!

Like most people, Canadians often prefer the sunny days to the snowy ones. One Canada has thawed out you’ll want to get yourself ready for the awesome summer season and the adventures that wait.

Just about every patio and beer garden in the city will be buzzing on any given day. Canadians are a friendly bunch and love to entertain their friends and families at home.

Just remember, if you get invited to a home gathering bring a bottle of wine with you. You can click here to shop for your favorite bottle now.

4. Canada Loves Cultural Diversity

Canada ey! They are very welcoming to immigrants from all over the world and will in fact make an effort to learn more about where you have come from.

No matter where you decide to settle down in Canada, you’ll find yourself surrounded by multiculturalism. This is great as it allows you to try new foods, meet new people and swap stories about your home land.

Canada is so diverse that it may surprise you to hear that 40 members of Canada parliament weren’t even born in Canada! Only in Canada right?

5. Accommodation Is Highly Sought After

Book your accommodation early or contact a local real estate agent to help you find the place of your dreams. Most people will book an AirBNB before finally choosing a place to live to scope out the area.

If you’re relocating from the Pasadena are you should check out https://movebms.com/offices/pasadena-ca-movers for all your moving needs.

If you don’t want to fork out for a monthly AirBNB you can always try to stay with a local using couchsurfing. It’s a long shot to expect to stay a month but hey you might get a week out of it and some really good intel.