6 Handy Tips on Moving to Pasadena

If you’re moving to Pasadena, pat yourself on the back. That means you’ve made the American dream. You lucky duck! You’re probably living your days out in some bougie condo, penthouse, or mansion! Regardless of your circumstances, Pasadena is one of the nicest places to move to, and here are some tips for settling down once you get there. 

1. Be prepared for some of the nicest people ever 

In the inviting city of Pasadena, people are known for their generosity. Neighbors helping neighbors. Extremely low crime rates. If your card declined at the supermarket, it wouldn’t be surprising for the person behind you to pay for it all! That’s the kind of people they are. On top of that, some of the biggest tech firms are headquartered there. Don’t be surprised when everyone you bump into is either a CEO, doctor, professor, or engineer! 

2. Get comfortable in your new home 

Now that you moved into the life of luxury, it’s time to play the part. Settling in your new abode is half the battle. Making sure the luxury on the inside is as good as it is on the outside is the real kicker. It’s time to get nice furniture, artwork, and appliances. Invest yourself in a nice computer complete with a gaming chair from Andaseat.ca and you’ll fit right in with all the tech giants and business geniuses! 

3. Hire some great movers 

Look, if you’re even considering moving here, at LEAST one of the following things (if not both) applies to you:

  1. You have a lot of stuff to move.
  2. Your belongings are very expensive.

Either way, it’s no use to fool around with some mediocre moving company. You are living in one of the finest places in California, let alone the United States, or even the world. You can’t let some movers do a poor job and beat up your precious belongings. That’s why you should be looking for the  best Pasadena movers to make your move as easy and smooth as possible. 

4. Know your wines 

If you’re from other parts of California (or really anywhere north of Pasadena), you’ll notice that there aren’t many days of thick fog, overcast rainstorms, or other crummy weather events. The city definitely has its occasional wet day, which means something great if you’re in California: The wine is killer. Warm California vineyards plus rich yuppies are a match made in heaven. Here are some of the best sweet wine varieties to get your wine snob on. 

5. Get to know all the culture and activities 

If you’re looking for something to do in town, the sky is really the limit. As far as daytime activities, Pasadena has its own art museum, history museum, play house, and a thriving architectural wonder that is old town. Wherever you go, you’ll find world class cuisine from world class restaurants that are always to die for. 

6. Explore your surroundings on foot 

The ability to walk to many spots in the city is a major selling point for many new residents. Even if you only stroll a few blocks, you’ll run into a multitude of bars, restaurants, movie theatres, and more in a matter of minutes!