6 Self-Care Ideas for the Workaholic

Life and work have pretty much become synonymous in the 21st century schizoid model of human survival. As soon as you wake up, you’re staring at a little screen to see if you’ve missed any emails until the minute you rest your eyes again for bed, and every second in between. You need to relax, and here’s some ideas on how:

1 – Upgrade your alone time

For many, a morning shower, evening bus ride, or night time routine might be the only moments of solace one can find in a full day of voices, people, and hustle bustle. Even if you live alone and work alone, finding those brief moments where work and progress isn’t a priority is super important. Being a bit mindful about when and how you have daily breaks from others can make a world of difference in your life. If it’s in your shower, buy products that make you feel amazing. If it’s the morning cup of joe while the computer boots up, buy high quality coffee (or even check out these laptops for sale). Whatever you can to brighten the little moments can be the difference between a good and bad day. 

2 – Take care of your physique 

Not only should you have great healthcare (check out Spectrumhealthcare.com), but you should be regularly exercising. The physical benefits you hear about all the time are great, but the mental relaxation is on a whole other level. Have you ever been on a brisk morning run, for an extended period of time? How does it feel to have nothing besides your breath, your moving body, and the crisp air of the day? A lot of people feel freed by exercise, and it should be a part of your weekly (if not daily) routine. 

4 – Disconnect from humanity for a bit

What is the closest point you can conveniently lose all signs of human interaction, or even evidence of humanity? What I mean by that is, sure, you can take a quick break after a zoom call by finding a quiet room to chill out in. But you’re not really disconnected. When you walk a few minutes into the woods, quit checking your phone, and just enjoy nature, you can find a lot of peace. 

5 – Plan for success 

Here’s the thing about always being a hard worker: It just doesn’t add up. You can’t be managing a full time job, exercise, friendships, a hobby or two, and a family while still getting a reasonable amount of sleep! If you don’t want to burn out, get a planner. Figure out when you’re going to be working on what, and when you’re going to be caring for you. 

6  – Have a night off 

If you go back a few years, you’ll find that humans woke up with the sun, and stopped most of their activity by sunset. This means people usually had an evening meal to work toward, something to look forward to. It’s uneasy to constantly be cycling through days on end without break. One night, light up the barbecue, find an old flick, and have a night to yourself. Here are some wine that pairs with bbq to get you started.