Managing Grief: 7 Ways to Cope After Losing a Loved One


Grief is different for everyone, but one universal part is how it feels like it will never end. The truth is, it will, but it might take a while to get there, and in the meantime, you must figure out how to manage your grief.

If you are struggling with coping after losing a loved one, then here are seven ways to help you manage your grief.

  1. Invite Friends Over 

Isolating yourself won’t help, especially if you live alone. Instead, welcome your friends into your home and allow them to lift your spirits. You don’t have to give energy toward interaction – sometimes, just being in the same room as someone else can help you.

  1. Get a Pet 

If you have lost someone very close and feeling a gap in your life, then a pet can help pull you out of the black hole. While it won’t bring your loved one back, it will give you focus and responsibility, and you can take the love you have for the one you lost and pour it into a pet.

If you decide to get a pet, use easyvet for their medical requirements, and make sure you have the finances to give the pet the best and healthiest life possible.

  1. Write About Them 

You might struggle to talk about the person you lost, and if that is the case, try writing about them instead. Be open in your words and get everything down – the good, the bad, and the hilarious. This simple act will help you come to terms with what has happened and remember them authentically. Also, don’t worry about anyone else reading it, as you can always burn it!

  1. Get Outside 

It’s OK to spend some days indoors on your own, but staying cooped up for too long will do you more damage. When you’re having a rough day, throw some easy, comfortable clothes on and force yourself to go outside. You don’t have to go far – a simple walk to the shop or the park will help in clearing your mind.

  1. Cry 

The worst thing you can do after losing a loved one is hiding your grief. Not only does it delay the inevitable, but you’ll end up feeling so much worse at a later time. Remember, it’s OK to cry, so if you want to do it on your own under the duvet when everyone has left, feel free to do that. Crying will act as a form of catharsis, which is an important step in the grieving process.

  1. Get into a Routine 

After losing a loved one, many people struggle with routine. It might be hard at first, but getting yourself into a routine will help you feel normal once more. Even if you’ve taken some time off work, it’s useful to give yourself little goals. This could include making sure you eat dinner by 7pm, waking up before 10am, or taking a walk every day after lunch. You’ll feel more in control of your life, and it’ll make getting back to work much easier.

  1. Say Goodbye 

While you can’t physically talk to the person you lost, you can still say goodbye. Visit their grave, their home, or just somewhere you used to go together, and speak everything you want to say.

Losing someone you love is one of the toughest things you can go through. Don’t neglect your grief – work with it so that you can come out the other end stronger than ever before.