How to Find The Job Which You Are After

Getting a new job is far from easy and there is likely to be plenty of competition for each post which you find during your job search. Before you get into the application process and the interview however you must first find the right job, in fact this is half the battle. There are many ways to look for a job and many places where you will find them listed, the key is to focus heavily on finding the right vacancy for you and for your career, and here are some tips on doing just that.

Wide and Far

When searching for a job it is not enough to simply check a single jobs page each day. Not every employer uses the same job websites when advertising a vacancy and so you need to be ready to scour through all of your resources to make sure that a vacancy doesn’t slip past you. Make sure that you check every job site that you can think of in order to give yourself the best opportunity of seeing the vacancy.


My grandfather always told me that it isn’t ‘what you know but who you know’ and this can certainly be applied to searching for a job. Make sure that you have let your friends and family know that you are on the lookout for a certain job. One of two things may happen here; the first is that a friend or a family member may spot a job which you haven’t seen, the second is that they may be able to put your name forward to someone who they know, either way it is a smart move to make.


If your chosen position falls within a niche or specialist industry then you may not find these positions advertised on the standard job sites. For example if you are looking to find a new legal job then you may need to be more specific with your search and seeking positions on dedicated legal jobs pages. The same goes for medical positions and highly skilled jobs like engineering, you will need to look for the pages that focus purely on these careers.

Going Social

Social media is not just a great tool to connect with friends and commentate your life, it can also be used to find job positions. The first thing to do is to get your LinkedIn profile up to scratch as you may find that a company approaches you if they are looking for a particular position. Once you have completed this it is time to use social media like Facebook and LinkedIn particularly, to see what jobs are being posted. You may be surprised at the number of positions which are filled thanks to social media so do what you can to use this tool as a way to find your next job.

Remember to persevere and stay positive, that job position will come along and when it does, you’ll be ready.