Honeymoon Road Trip? Get Those Tyres Checked First

If you are planning to whisk your partner away for a honeymoon road trip then the first thing that you need to be thinking about is planning ahead to make sure that your car is fit for purpose for the journey. After all nothing ruins a romantic road trip more than a breakdown or worse still, an accident. You can avoid all of this if you decide to get a full car service which will greatly minimize your risk of a breakdown and give you the peace of mind that you need with regards to your driving experience. Tyres are one of the most important aspects to check out and here is why.

Braking Distances

Tyres play a key role in braking and if they are no properly filled with air or if they are damaged, this will have a direct impact on your ability to slow the car down. Even with great tyres you should be mindful of stopping distances in various weather conditions, especially the winter time when an icy road can make your braking distance 10 times longer than a road in normal conditions. Kwik Fit have a great video on this as part of their #stopppingdistance campaign which will educate you as to how much time you need to give yourself to slow down depending on the conditions, you can check out the video below. The video is assuming that your tyres are fit for purpose so you can only imagine how much this changes when they are not.



Did you know that it was actually illegal to be driving on tyres which have less than 1.6mm of tread? Or that the police can also stop you if you don’t have at least 3/4 of the tyre covered with a single band of tread. One surefire way to ruin a honeymoon is to get stopped by the police and then prevented from being able to drive the car until the tyres are fixed, not to mention the expense of a fine!

Driving Style

Tyres which are bald or damaged will have a negative impact on your driving style and it will make maneuvering very tricky indeed. There is no guaranteed way to avoid accidents when you are driving but if you ensure that your tyres are fit for purpose, along with the rest of your vehicle, then you can go as far as possible to ensuring that you remain as safe as you can on the roads.

Don’t risk ruining your honeymoon trip, get the car checked out, make sure those tyres are in great condition and then hit the road.